Tips For Establishing A Stylish Wardrobe On A Budget

Wondering how to stay stylish on a budget? Is it even possible?

You’re in luck. Men’s fashion needn’t be expensive. Even the best-dressed man on the internet spends as little as £30 a week on clothes, the Independent reports. So, you don’t need to burn a hole in your wallet to look crisp and tidy, but you do need to put in more work.

Invest in high-quality staple wardrobe items, change how you shop, and get your clothes tailored — then you’ll have created a solid, stylish, long-lasting wardrobe for less.

Invest In Staple Items

Invest in high-quality staple items to base your outfits around. Every dapper man should own a few pairs of jeans and trousers, two or three jackets, basic knitwear (sweaters and cardigans), and a suit for professional occasions.

Once you have these timeless staple items you can easily add different accent pieces to define the overall look of your outfit. Dress up or down with plain or decorative belts, canvas shoes or leather boots, watches, hats, and coats, for example.

Be Spend-Savvy

When it comes to affording your fashion purchases, consider switching-up how you shop. Become familiar with your local charity shops. You’ll find men’s designer labels going for no more than £50, saving you potentially hundreds. Moreover, true vintage clothing (pre-1970s) won’t wear out as quickly as the fast fashion of today.

When shopping online, add clothes to your basket and leave it a few days. You’ll likely get an email reminder along with a tempting 10% off discount code or free delivery. ASOS and H&M have loyalty points programs which give you five points for every £1 spent — along with regular discount codes. Above all, only buy clothing that you love, fits, and is well-made to last.

Go To The Tailor

The ultimate secret to looking great on a budget? Getting your clothes tailored. Even a Savile Row jacket can look cheap if the sleeves are too long. When clothes truly fit, they look better and more expensive. For roughly just £10-£20 extra your local tailor can have you looking a million bucks. You can even get flimsy linings, zips, and buttons replaced with better quality ones. When it comes to looking luxe, the devil is often in the details.

Lastly, men’s fashion is always evolving and it’s natural to covet the latest trends. When you do, choose the high-street rather than high-end version. You can, therefore, enjoy the current noughties revival, for example, without being too out-of-pocket once it’s over. Plus, you’ll always have your carefully-curated wardrobe to fall back on.