Knitwear For Men – All You Need To Know

Knitwear is a fashion staple in the wardrobes of most men. Knitwear has never gone out of fashion, remaining an absolute fashion essential for Autumn, Winter & Spring. We’d even rock knitwear in summer if we could get away with it without passing out.

Despite its popularity, knitwear, depending on the style and colour is not always as easy to pull off as you would think.

If your wardrobe is bursting with classic knits or you are looking to invest in some great new pieces this year, follow our complete knitwear guide below for all you need to know when it comes to knitwear for men:

All You Need To Know About Men’s Knitwear:

Knitwear Staples

Knitwear might be a staple in most men’s wardrobes but it is not always the most cost effect option, particularly if you are considering pieces that are 100% wool. For tips and advice on how to shop savvy, have a read of our article: Tips For Establishing A Stylish Wardrobe On A Budget

Know Your Styles

Knitwear comes in many styles and it’s important to know which one is perfect for you. Most men prefer to include a range of styles in their wardrobe, making sure to have knitwear that’s perfect for every occasion.

Favourite styles of knitwear include:

  • Crew neck jumpers – A timeless classic that you really can incorporate into any look.
  • V-neck jumpers – Another classic but with that added bit of detail for more formal occasions.
  • Roll necks – This style is making a well-deserved comeback from the 90s. A great addition to smart outfits.
  • Cardigans – Looks great for a laid-back style and perfect over the top of a white shirt.

Get To Grips With Materials

Once again, knitwear material comes in an array of options for you to choose from. With an option for every style, choose from:

  • Knitted – For standard look, opt for a knitted jumper.
  • Cashmere –  A little fancy and feels amazing on!
  • Cable Knit – It’s chunky and perfect for when you are feeling the cold
  • Ribbed – All the texture, none of the bulk. Great for spring/autumn looks.

All About Layers

It’s all about layers when it comes to knitwear. Wearing a shirt underneath is an easy option and always the best way to smarten up a winter look. Whereas, if you are wanting to look a little more casual, pop a t-shirt on underneath (white is always a great option) and this way if you get a little toasty, you won’t be worrying about stripping.

If you are looking for a great coat or jacket to wear over the top of your knitwear, there isn’t much that won’t go. Some of our favourites include: denim jackets, parka style coats and maybe even a tweed coat if you are considering something a little different.

Knitwear For All Seasons

Remember, knitwear isn’t just for Christmas! Yes, a thick cable knit jumper is perfect for those cold months during winter but knitwear is timeless and can be incorporated into your wardrobe throughout the year.

A fine cotton knit jumper is not just a great piece to wear to work over a shirt, it’s breathable and will not leave you overheating as the temperatures start to rise during the spring.

The colour of your knitwear collection is also an important consideration when you are thinking about wearing your pieces through the changing seasons. If you are looking for knitwear you can wear any time of the year, try to avoid seasonal colours and instead consider go for shades of blue, black and grey.

Dress It Up

Don’t just limit your knitwear for use at the weekend. The right coloured V-neck jumper (we recommend darker shades for an understated style), paired with a tailored shirt, slim fit trousers and formal shoes are ideal for a professional look at the office. A suit jacket over the top of your knitwear can also look great in a contrasting colour.

If you’re planning to wear a tie opt for a V-neck, whereas if you prefer a bow tie consider a crew neck.

Prices May Vary 

Depending on the brand and fabric used the price of knitwear can vary widely. If you are looking for a piece that will last, it’s always best to opt for quality. You could always wait for the sales to bag a bargain but don’t forget to keep a look out on PlusVoucherCode for some great discount codes and deals.

There you have it, the ultimate guide to selecting the best knitwear pieces for your wardrobe. Follow these tips and before you know it, you will have knitwear to accompany every outfit and for every occasion.