The Popularity Of Cosmetic Dentistry In Men, Helping Them To Have Winning Smiles

Awesome car, nice house and stunning partner – what’s next? Perhaps, treating yourself to a perfect smile.

Guys can have it all but still not be fully satisfied with how they look. As a result, many guys are visiting their dentists to get the perfect smile they’ve always wanted. Pristine teeth can give guys a more competitive edge in the workplace, the look of an executive who presents themselves well. Those that invest in their physical appearance and hold themselves well can often outshine others in their careers.

Guys looking after their teeth is nothing new. Men have, it turns out, been having more cosmetic dental treatment than ever before for over a decade now according to surveys. One dentist commented that:

“a nice smile is becoming more and more important, not only in attracting the opposite sex but also at work. Popular articles talk about how having bad teeth can affect your life in terms of finding a relationship and a good job. The procedure is relatively easy compared to cosmetic procedures for the body, with fewer fatal complications, so cosmetic dentistry becomes the obvious choice to increase one’s confidence.”

Grooming & Wellbeing

The days of the weather-beaten man who was afraid to slather on some moisturiser because he might be considered less than masculine are thankfully over. These days many men, young and old, know that taking care of your health and appearance is the sensible and wise thing to do. Instead of being ridiculed for undergoing procedures such as cosmetic dentistry, they are praised. Supporting your overall wellbeing is indeed commendable — for women and men — and instead of falling apart, you’re taking care to look and feel your best for your family, friends and colleagues.

If you fail to do anything about how you look, you run the risk of being viewed as something of a relic of the past, certainly not someone to lead that important high-level meeting, conference or to promote.

It’s no longer enough to splash out on a new set of clothes, have a stylish haircut and groom your facial hair. If your suffering from hair loss, resulting in bald patches then explore your options to get back a perfect head of hair. There’s no point in putting up with male pattern baldness or anything else nature might throw at you when you can easily and affordably have a hair transplant or facial fillers.

A Great Smile Makeover

So what are men increasingly having done to improve their teeth to give them an incredible smile? There’re lots of options and they generally include veneers and crowns. As well as professional teeth-whitening to give you the pearly white look you’ve been after but never seemed to get.

Propelling the rise in cosmetic dentistry among men is due to the increasing computer-controlled technology that allows crowns and veneers to be made and put in place in as little as a day. Only one trip to the dentist is required!

Previously it was a case of repeated visits to the dentist, having to undergo uncomfortable procedures to take an impression of your teeth, wearing temporary crowns while you waited for the permanent ones to be made — and then fitted — before having to return to have the crowns checked. It was no wonder few people had the time and inclination to have cosmetic dentistry.

These days, the ultimate status symbol is not the things you own but how good you look.

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