How To Holiday Healthily And Come Back In Better Shape Than When You Left

When you take a summer holiday, it can be tempting to lay back all day and constantly consume alcohol and food. However, by completely ignoring your body’s health and well-being, you’ll end up taking several steps backwards in your fitness levels, and will return home feeling worse than when you stepped onto the plane. The following are some ideas to consider if you want to go back to work looking and feeling great, ready to take on whatever challenges are in store.

Indulge, But Don’t Over Do It

Sure, you’ll want to sit back and have a cocktail or two; you deserve it, you’ve worked hard all year, and it’s important that you treat yourself. However, you don’t need to be guzzling everything that’s on offer at the hotel’s bar and restaurant to satiate your primal needs. Stay mindful of what you’re putting into your body while allowing yourself a daily treat to look forward to; you’ll have more time to work off what you’ve indulged in anyway (but more on that in a bit).

Take advantage of all the fresh local produce on offer, and research into the best local seafood, or steak restaurants in your destination; that way, your meals will satisfy your taste buds and nourish your body at the same time. The joy of a vacation is that you don’t have to prepare any of your meals yourself, so take a seat, order and eat up.

Utilise All The Extra Time You Have

Another positive about travelling abroad is usually all the extra free time you have t do exactly what you want (unless you’re off on an active holiday, in which case this article probably won’t be of much help). Therefore you’ll have no excuse not to put on your gym wear and head to the hotel’s gym, to do some weights or use the equipment for an hour or so.

If you’re not staying somewhere with onsite gym facilities, then go for a daily run on the beach or in the local area; it’ll be a great way to maintain, if not increase, your fitness, and you can spend the time looking at the sights and scenery. If there’s a pool or the sea is safe; get your trunks on and start swimming, so you’ll be spending time with your co-travellers and working out in the meantime.

You Can Still Relax You Know

You’ve gone on holiday so that you can escape your everyday routine and take a break from all the stresses that life can bring. Therefore, it’s still a priority to take the opportunity to relax and recuperate, so that your body is in the best condition before returning to your office or workplace. For some tips on how to switch off from work when you go on holiday, take a look here:

Just because you’re being mindful of what you’re consuming and how much exercise you’re doing, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take every opportunity to soak up the sunshine and absorb some vitamin D. Don’t neglect what your body needs; whether that’s rest, exercise, or nourishment, and you’ll return home tanned, athletic, and ready to crack on.

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