Stylish Cars You Would Love Parked On Your Driveway This Year

If you’re thinking about style and fashion, you can’t ignore your car. Your car is your most expensive fashion accessory. If you have a stylish car, people are going to notice. Just as they would if there was a broken down wreck on your driveway. You might be thinking about purchasing a new car before the end of the year. If it’s style over substance that you’re looking for, these are the best cars that we can recommend.

Jaguar F-Type Coupe


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There are plenty of car enthusiasts who would disagree with this recommendation. Particularly, those who adore the older, classical Jags. The F Coupe was clearly not made to appeal to these drivers. It is supposed to be a more contemporary vehicle for modern times. In that category, it fits the bill beautifully. Older Jags have long, straight cutting edges. Growing with modern times, this model has a stylish, curved body. It almost looks like a cross between a Porsche and an Aston Martin. A truly beautiful machine that would look brilliant parked outside your office or soaring past everyone else on the roads.

BMW i8 Coupe


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Do you want to say more about yourself than just your fashion sense? This car will tell people that you care about the environment and that in itself is a stylish remark to make. If that’s not enough for you, perhaps the fact that it is by far the most beautiful electric car on the market can persuade you to make this purchase. The vehicle looks as though it has been ripped straight from a futuristic science fiction movie. It looks more like a spaceship than a vehicle, as though it could take off at any moment. The shades and colours make it seem more streamlined with fantastic paint work. Added to that, there is the fact it will arrive on the scene like a ghost with virtually no noise emitted from the engine.

Toyota Aygo


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So far, we have been talking about cars that, bought new will lost you upwards of fifty thousand. We understand that you may want a stylish vehicle without the price tag that is almost impossible to pay. If that’s the case, then the Toyota Aygo is a brilliant option. It is compact, and the minimalistic design is quite attractive. It isn’t going to win any awards for the interior; that is fairly basic. However, the body represents everything you would want from a small, value car. You won’t be embarrassed to have this one parked on your driveway. You can get a Currie Motors used Toyota Aygo for under seven thousand and that is an absolute steal for a stylish car like this.

Chrysler 200


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If you want the American option and be aware that you’ll have to import this, there is the Chrysler 200. The car offers a futuristic design that almost gives you the impression of Knight Rider. You could certainly imagine that the front of the car could start flashing red at any moment. The exterior has been styled to make it aerodynamic. However, these slip stream lines also make it fantastic to look at.. It has a slick shape and quite a beautiful aesthetic.

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