Stand Out In The Office: How To Look The Part At Work

Are you struggling for office style ideas? It’s so hard to not go for the same outfit everyday, just with a slight work shirt pattern variation. Choosing what to wear for work can often seem a little bland and restricting. But there are plenty of interesting ways that you can great a stylish work wardrobe, if you put your mind to it & maybe your wallet too! Here are some ideas and tips to help you to start creating a stylish wardrobe; from your shirt to an epic watch.

How To Create A Stylish Work Wardrobe:

Stylish Shirts

Variety is the key to success when it comes to shirts. You don’t want to be wearing the same style shirt day after day. You’ll start to look like a cartoon character whose style never changes. You should have a range of quality work shirts ranging from smart white ones to checked coloured ones, which are slightly more relaxed. Then switch them around each day.

It also depends on your work uniform policy. If you have a relaxed uniform policy that doesn’t require you to wear a tie, then alternating between white and check, coloured shirts is key. However, if you wear a tie for work, then you could keep your shirt colours constant, such as White or Navy Blue, and use your tie to mix things up a bit.

Treat yourself to a range of ties that are in different styles, patterns and colours so that you have a wide variety of ties to pick from everyday. And don’t forget to have a bit of fun with you ties from time to time such as picking an autumnal check tie when the nights start to get longer and colder.


For the modern, high-pressure workplace, shoes that look great and offer a degree of comfort are the ideal pair to go for. They do need to fit in with whatever else you’re wearing. Think about the colour of your suit or your handmade leather briefcase and don’t pick a shoe colour that wildly contrasts with your outfit.

Comfort is just as important though. When you’re rushed off your feet in the office, the last thing you need is to have your feet aching too! Style and comfort don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Nowadays, it’s more than possible to find a pair of work shoes that offer comfort as well as style.

Monk shoes are a great modern type of shoe that can help you accessories your wardrobe and be the stylish guy in the office. See our top 5 monk shoes to help you find the perfect pair.


Formal black or charcoal trousers are the basic choice for most formal workplaces. They don’t necessarily stand out much, but it’s not all about standing out, all over. After all, your shoes, shirt & tie can help you stand out for being styling, your trousers could be a tad overkill. In your face trousers are not a good look, and it’s something you should avoid at all costs. Pick a pair that are well fitted and suited to the rest of your outfit.

If your workplace is a little more informal, you might be able to get away with other options though. Chinos are very popular at the moment and wouldn’t look out of place in a Navy or Black colour. They’re a bit more relaxed and comfortable, but they won’t be suitable for all kinds of working environment.


There are all kinds of accessories that men should consider when putting together their work outfits. Firstly, cufflinks look great with a crisp white shirt, so you should consider them. They’re not essentials though. What is essential is your belt. It needs to match the rest of your outfit, but don’t let the buckle stand out too much, after-all you’re not at a rodeo.

Traditional, Wallet-Friendly Watches

For us, the perfect and best way to create the ultimate work wardrobe is by making sure you’re styling it with a great watch. Watches aren’t just for telling the time, they’re mostly about style.

Don’t worry, we’re not talking about going out and buying a Rolex. All you need is a reputable & reliable brand that is good for everyday use and wont break the bank.

Our go to brand when it comes to an everyday watch brand is Rotary Watches. Established in 1895 in Switzerland, they’ve literally got years and years and years of experience when it comes to creating beautiful and reliable time pieces.

The brand is now sold in over 65 countries across the world and they really own the market when it comes to wallet friendly and stylish timepieces. Encompassing traditional watch values but with new and sleek designs. Perfect to be worn around the office.

Our go to watch from Rotary and the one that we’ve recently ‘road tested’ is the London range which has expanding bracelet and sleek design. The watches are something of breath of fresh-air when it comes to a modern timepiece but still maintains traditional values when it comes to the watch face.

The watch features a black gloss watch face with index markers, all within a stand-out stainless steel case and expanding stainless steel bracelet.  It’s a fun and fresh watch, making it perfect for everyday use around the office and will definitely help you stand out as quite the professional.

It’s available in Steel, Gold or Rose-Gold and for both men and women. It has a 2 year guarantee and comes with free delivery, all for under £90. Our recommended colour would be the stainless steel, as it is sure to not age or be affected by fashion trends, which can’t be said for Gold or Rose-Gold.

If you get each of these things right, you should have no trouble looking the part in your workplace and will be viewed as quite the stylish guy. In addition to the above style advise, always make sure your hair, beard and skincare are on point by following some of our hints, tips and product recommendations on our Male Grooming Blog.