Smart Casual Men’s Styling & Fashion Guide

Looking good isn’t always easy for us guys. In an ideal world, we aim to reach the balance between smart and casual. But, that balance is a hard one to strike. Do you wish you could wear your suit jacket on the weekends? Would you like to look a little more stylish in the office?

Good news fellas; we’ve got the style guide for you. As with any new style of dressing, this is going to be a process of trial and error. One thing’s for sure, though; you’ll be the envy of your pals when you get this look right!

Here are a few ideas that should help you find your way to a smart-casual haven.

The Right Suit Jacket

The best part about mens suits are the jackets. They are, after all, what everyone sees. The shirt and trousers may be important, but the suit jacket is essential. That’s particularly the case in your quest.

Stock up on some good quality suit jackets. It’s worth buying Calvin Klein and other designer labels here. You want to do this right, don’t you? As you’re shopping, try and gain some idea of how you would make that suit jacket work with more casual pieces. Consider jackets you could wear with many outfits. If you’re spending top dollar, you want to get plenty of wear from the piece!

It’s also worth experimenting with fabrics, here. Do a little research into less straight-cut choices. That way, the jacket will fit easily into a casual outfit!

Don’t be afraid, too, to stray from traditional colors. You may not want to go too crazy to start, but trying jackets in unusual colors may surprise you. Plus, you can have fun pairing them with other items!

Find Inspiration

The good news about fashion inspiration is that it’s all around. Keep your eyes peeled for a while. Take note of people you pass who have managed to make the look work.

It’s also well worth turning to the celebrity world for some ideas. Even if you don’t respect the celeb themselves, they’re dressed by professionals. So, there’s a lot to learn from them!

Decide whether you want your inspiration from Ashton Kutcher or George Clooney. No matter your age, it might be worth turning to the younger celebs out there. Younger minds tend to have more of an eye for upcoming fashions. They may be your best point of reference. If you want to achieve a look unique to you, you could marry a few different styles. Why not try to make the young and old work together? This is all about taking traditional suits and making them new, after all.

For some shoe inspiration, to team up with a smart casual look, check out article here.

Try Something New

Any new image is about taking risks. If you’re not willing to try new things, you’ll never find a look that works! We all need to experience the odd wardrobe malfunction and fashion mistake. That’s how fabulous fashions start. Taking inspiration is all well and good, but you need to be willing to experiment. This is your image, after all. Take that inspiration and pair it with fashion ideas you already have. If you think something will look good, give it a go. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never seen it on anyone else before. You’ll soon be able to tell whether it works or not. Remember that the most unlikely things can look good together. Don’t be afraid to experiment with clashing colors and extreme styles. No fabulous fashion came from playing it safe. Try jeans with that smart suit jacket. How about a jumper underneath instead of a shirt? Have fun with the experimentation stages. Think of it as science, but without the danger!


Finish your new look off by getting to grips with how to accessorize. Remember to keep your aim in mind. Instead of opting for smart shoes, why not choose a decent pair of sneakers instead? Or, you could try to find a pair of smart shoes that look good with your jeans. There’s no right or wrong here. Remember the importance of experimenting. As the summer months are fast on our heels, you could add the perfect shades to your outfit. Imagine how slick you would look! Most important, have fun. Instead of opting for your usual smart watch, try out some beach style bracelets. Instead of the briefcase, give a drawstring bag a go. Many things aren’t going to work. But, many more may look better than you ever imagined.