Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: But How Do I Deal With It?

Hair loss in men is extremely common- so much so that by the age of thirty-five, over two-thirds of American men will have experienced noticeable hair loss. But while it’s something that happens to the majority of us, it doesn’t make it any easier. Hair loss can be embarrassing, make us feel old or just serve as a reminder of our own mortality. If you’re experiencing hair loss, here are some of the ways you can go about dealing with it.

How To Deal With Hair Loss

1. Use a Supplement

Supplements and herbal remedies have been shown to be very effective in some men. They can slow down or stop hair loss, and in some cases even regrow hair. Propecia (also known as Finasteride) for example works by naturally altering the way hormones affect the hair follicle. This allows them to recover, stop shedding and in some cases grow back again. You can buy Propecia online, or check out your local health foods store for other vitamins and supplements which may help.

2. Consider a Hair Transplant

Hair transplants are a more extreme option when you’re dealing with hair loss, but are an excellent way to thicken up your hair again.

Balding can cause severe anxiety and stress in some men, it can reduce self-confidence and even lead to relationship breakdowns. And so if your hair loss is more than just a passing worry to you, methods such as this one are well worth considering. Since male pattern baldness (the most common cause of male hair loss) doesn’t affect the back of the head, ‘donor’ hair follicles can be gathered from there. They’re transplanted onto the thinning crown, and can restore your luscious and youthful looking locks. It’s a permanent solution, and new techniques make the transplants impossible to detect.

3. Don’t Let It Stress You Out

We get it, not allowing your thinning hairline to stress you out is easier said than done. But, it’s worth trying all the same. Hair loss can be a symptom of many things, anxiety included.

If you suffer or are experiencing anxiety then you might experience hair loss, the same goes for stress to. Whilst the 2 mental states are different by definition, they do in-fact come hand in hand in with most people.

Not only is good mental health important for ensuring you’re having a well balanced diet and getting your recommended exercise. Which are both important for maintaining healthy hair, like with anything.  Anxiety can actually cause a condition in which a person begins to pull their hair out without knowing. Leading and increasing the rate in which hair falls out called trichotillomania.

Whilst trying to give a clear and positive mind wont restore a full head of hair, it can inhibit the amount of hair you loose and the rate in which you do. Minimising the aesthetic impact. Discover more about how mental health can affect your hair line by reading this expert information here.

4. Style It Out

If all else fails and you believe that you can learn to live with your baldness, then rock it! Don’t hang onto your thinning hair as this will only age you more, take control and shave it off. You could even style your facial hair differently or treat yourself to new clothes to compliment the new you. Shaving your head might seem like a shock at first, particularly if you’ve always worn your hair longer or in a certain way. But within a couple of weeks you and everyone else will soon get used to it, and before long it will be difficult to picture you any other way. Who knows, an image update could be just what you need especially if you’re in a bit of a style rut. The reason we feel so down about baldness is because culture associates ‘strength’ ‘attractiveness’ and ‘masculinity’ with a full head of hair. But the reality is that lush locks don’t represent any of these things. Countless bald and shaved headed celebrities, characters in movies and models have all proven that.

Have you had to deal with any significant hair loss? If not, how do you think you will go about dealing with it if you experience male pattern baldness later down the line?

Photo credit- Pexels