Zayn Malik Signature Quiff Hair Tutorial & Hair Product Recommendation

Zayn Malik is deemed to be one of the most influential grooming stars in the Western World since David Bowie. We’d probably go as far as saying that the 25 year old is the new David Beckham when it comes to his male grooming & his style. Zayn is extremely versatile when it comes to his appearance and style. His hair style is the one element he probably has the most fun with. Changing it regularly, but, there is always one style he comes back to. Who wouldn’t want a Zayn Malik hairstyle?

Of course, when we talk about Zayn Malik’s signature hair style, we’re not referring to his blond buzz cut which he rocks from time to time. His signature hair style is his ‘Messy Quiff’. It’s actually been altered throughout the years through different colours; sometimes it’s blonde, green and even pink.

Zayn rocks an iconic messy quiff hairstyle which most guys wish they could pull off. It’s a great all year hair style, which is sure to make guys to stand out for all the right reasons if they were to rock the look.

It’s obvious that Zayn Malik isn’t risk averse when it comes to his look but his iconic look is one that is risk free. Everyone will be sure to love it and we’re here to show you have you can style your hair the same way Zayn styles his:

Zayn Malik Signature Quiff Hair Tutorial

To ensure we’re all on the same page, here is an image of Zayn Malik supporting his classic quiff and textured hair style and this is the look we’ll help you to get.

This image of Zayn is taken from the red carpet of the 2018 Grammy awards. One of the most prestigious music awards and clearly Zayn has chosen to go with his iconic quiff hair style for the event. It’s clear that when he wants to look his best, he goes for the messy, quiff hair style.

Now, in order to style your hair like Zayn Malik, you need to get get your hair cut in the style of Zayn’s.

Zayn Malik Hair Cut

For ease, what we would recommend is to take an image of the haircut you want into your barbers. However, if you’re too embarrassed to show a barber a picture of Zayn Malik, below is the Zayn Malik hair cut that you need to ask for:

  1. As you will have noticed, Zayn Malik’s hair is always a lot longer on the top than it is at the sides. Therefore, you want to ask for a medium to low fade into a number 2 on the sides. The number relates to how short the cut will be, with a 0.5 being the lowest cut without it being a skin fade.
  2. Then ask you barber to keep the length on top, say around 5 inches, but ask for it to be thinned out (if you have thick hair) and some texture added in. As you will notice, Zayn’s style is a messy look due to the texture that is cut into the hair.
  3. You also want to ask the barber to cut the hair into a quiff style, whether the quiff points left or right if up to you, but ensure that it is slightly longer than the back.
  4. Dependant on if you have a beard or not, you can square off your side burns or taper off the edges and neck to fade into the beard.

Below is great video from the BluMaan Youtube channel which shows a barber cutting the models hair with the Zayn Malik haircut. You should be able to see all the above steps throughout the video. Be sure to give BluMaan a follow too, they’re one of our favourite Youtube channels for guys.

The Zayn Malik hair cut is fairly straight forward and easy, as it’s done by a professional. The styling is where it is down to you and where the work comes in. See below our step by step guides on how to style your hair like Zayn Malik’s Quiff style:

Zayn Malik Quiff Hairstyle Guide

The below shows what steps you need to take. Plus, what equipment you need to style your hair like Zayn Malik.

Products To Use To Style A Quiff

For this hair style, you will need the below products and also see our recommendations:

  1. Hair Dryer – this is to give the hair volume to achieve the look. If you don’t have a hair dryer then we recommend the TRESemme 5542DU 2200W Power Dryer from Amazon. It has 3 heat settings (including a cool setting) and multiple speeds. It also has a concentrator nozzle which is what you need to blow-dry your quiff upwards without messing up the rest of your hair.
  2. A Vent Hair Brush – A vent brush helps to make the blow-drying process easier. A vent brush allows for the air to get down to the root of the hair, which enables you to work your hair easier. It also allows you to brush the quiff in your desired direction, to give you a slick look. We recommend the Denman D200 Vent Hair Brush with Flexible Pins from Amazon for under £6.
  3. Styling Product – Now, this is where it could all go wrong if you don’t pick the right product. For Zayn Malik’s signature look, you need a hair styling product that is going to last. Cavalier – heavy clay from BluMann has to be our got to hair styling product for this look. The clay is perfect for a messy, effortless look with high hold on every hair type; tame through to thick, wavy hair. Plus, it gives all this with a natural matte finish. Don’t just take our word for it – read over 190 product reviews with rave reviews.
  4. Hair Spray – For added security, give your hair a once over with some TIGI Bed Head Hard Head Strong Hold Hairspray for some relentless hold and control. Not essential but good for heavier & thicker hair types.

How To Style Your Hair Like Zayn Malik’s Signature Quiff

Now comes the fun part; you’ve got a fresh new cut & the best products from the job. It’s now time to style your hair.

Step 1: Wash your hair with shampoo & conditioner if this is your first time styling the look. When you get the hang of the style, you can just start with wet/damp hair. Your hair doesn’t need to be washed every-time but should be 2-3 times a week.

Step 2: With the hair dryer on the hot setting, brush and blow dry your quiff into the desired direction. Do this until your hair is dry. After this, blow dry the back and side of your hair, using your hand to direct the hair. For added texture, scrunch your hair with your hands on the back.

Step 3: Once you have your dried your hair and it’s relatively inline with the style you want. Turn your dryer to the cold setting and blow dry your hair again in the desired direction. The cool air should help set the hair in place.

Step 4: Starting with a pee size amount of product, start applying the hair product all over your hair evenly and shape into the designed style. We recommend to start by smoothing your hands from left to right on the hair to work the product into the hair. Then use some more product on your finger tips to style your quiff. Again you can see this in the BluMann video above. It’s important to remember that less is more. If you need more product, start adding more a small bit at a time.

Step 5: Finish off with some hairspray if you want to.

There you have it, our guide to help your style your hair like Zayn Malik’s. Covering the hair cut, the products to use and what to do to style your hair. Let us know how you get on in the comments section below. Also, check out more of our hair styling content here.