Grooming Tips To Help You Look Your Best On Your Wedding Day

Everyone wants to look their best on their wedding day. After all, it is one of the most important days of your lives. It’s common for everyone to fuss over the bride and how great she looks. But, it’s also important for the groom to be to stand at the alter, looking his best, waiting for the bride to walk down the aisle towards. Where you will be joined in holy matrimony for eternity with your wife. Start the marriage as you mean to go on, looking and feeling your best.

All the wedding preparations, such as brainstorming ideas for stag do, can take a toll not only on your mental health but also on your body and skin. With just days to go, you need to ensure that you do the best you can in the last few days before the wedding, so that you’re ready and glowing when you say ‘i do.’

How To Look Your Best For Your Wedding Day:

Here are some grooming tips to help you take care of your skin, body and hair in the last few days before the wedding.

1. Physical Exercise

Take time out of your schedule for some physical exercise, regularly. If you already have a work out schedule in place, continue with that.

If don’t have any workouts planned already, then try and an hour of walking or jogging everyday. The aim of this is to keep detoxing your body, help you get a glow on your face and help your body stay in good shape. Physical exercise is also great for your mental wellbeing too – it can help reduce anxiety associated with the big day.

It is important to not over exert your body and run the risk of injury.

2. Skin Care

If you want to get facials or any kind of grooming treatments, get them done three to four weeks before the wedding day. This is to ensure that there is ample of time for your skin to get accustomed to it and in case of any allergies, rashes or breakouts, you have enough time to treat them.

Use a good facial cleanser, scrub and exfoliator for your face to treat blackheads, acne and keep the oil away from your face. Use these regularly. If you want to introduce a new product in your skincare regime, do this at least three to four weeks before the wedding so that you can see its effects on your skin well in time and change it if need be.

When it comes to shaving your beard, follow your usual regime for the wedding day and the days before the wedding day. If you want to don a new look on your wedding day, make sure that you’ve tried it at least twice and at least a month before your wedding. This is incase you don’t like the look, you have time to grow back your beard in time for the wedding.

Whatever changes you want to make for your wedding day, try them at least twice and a month before the wedding.

While at it, you should avoid causing razor bumps on your face. Often manifested in clusters of small, red or dark bumps, razor bumps cab leave your surrounding skin red and inflamed. Fortunately, has a list of easy and efficient tips that will avoid the razor bumps and keep you looking at your best on the material day.

Symptoms include clusters of small, red or dark bumps around hair follicles. The surrounding skin is often red and inflamed.

Self-care measures such as letting the beard grow, shaving every other day and shaving with an electric razor may help clear this condition.

3. Hair & Nails

If you don’t have any plans to change your hairstyle for the wedding, then make sure you get a fresh trim from your barber 1 or 2 days before the big day. If you’re trialing a new hair style for the big day, then be sure to try it out a month before the big day. That way, if you don’t like it you have a month for your hair to grow back.

Most men think that manicures and pedicures are just for women, but overgrown cuticles and dirt under the nails are unattractive no matter what the gender is, so make sure that you get a manicure and pedicure before the wedding. It’s common for photos of the rings to be taken in most wedding albums where your fingers will be visible.



4. Dietary Habits

It is very important that you decrease your intake of oily, sugary and greasy foods in the days leading up to your wedding because these foods coupled with the wedding stress, can cause breakouts and blemishes. Instead of these foods, increase your intake of fruits, vegetables, fresh juices etc. Avoid junk food till the wedding so that your skin can be at its best on the wedding day. The more healthy your diet, the more your face will glow on your wedding day.

Another very important dietary habit that you should follow on the days leading up to your wedding, is drinking enough water. Staying hydrated is very important for your skin to feel and look fresh. You should drink at least four litres of water everyday.

5. Beauty Sleep

Beauty sleep isn’t just for the ladies, men need it too. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep at the right time in the weeks leading up to your wedding. A good sleep is important for your body to feel fresh, rejuvenated and active. Give yourself at least seven hours of sleep everyday.


No matter how many facials or treatments you get done, if the insides of your body aren’t treated well, it’s going to show on the outside. So make sure sure that along with getting the facial treatments, grooming sessions and manicures, you’re also eating well, working out and getting plenty of rest so that your body is well rested and refreshed for the wedding day.