5 Major Benefits of Shoehorns

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Do you suffer from a longstanding shoe obsession? Well, you’re by no means alone.

Look no further than statistics on shoe ownership in the US for evidence. Indeed, the average American owns a whopping 19 pairs of them!

You can bet your bottom dollar that some people have many more than that. Shoes of every variety are literally piling up and falling out of closets everywhere.

However, the true test of shoe-devotion isn’t how many you own.

It’s how well you take care of them! And, in that endeavour, shoehorns are an essential tool to have at your disposal. Indeed, we’d go as far as saying that owning a shoehorn is essential for all true shoe-devotees.

These simple instruments are simply crucial for keeping footwear in the finest fettle.

Want to learn why that’s the case?

Read on to discover all about shoehorns and why you need one in your life!

What Is a Shoehorn?

But what is a shoe horn, exactly?

It’s an absolute life-saver! That’s what it is.

To be more precise, though, they’re a long-handled instrument used to get your shoes on. You’ve probably seen one at your grandparents’ house. It is, most probably, propped up somewhere near the dedicated ‘shoe spot’ in their house.

It looks a bit like a tool you’d hit somebody with. Shoehorns are elongated, curved around the center, and made from a hard material such as horn (guess where the name comes from!), plastic, or metal.

See one? Be sure to purloin it for your own selfish shoe-related needs.

If you keep reading we’ll tell you how to use it…

How To Use A Shoehorn?

Thankfully, there’s not a lot to this process!

A simple instrument, shoehorns have been helping people put their shoes on for centuries.

Start by grabbing the shoes you want to wear, loosening the laces, and placing the curved face of the horn where your heel goes (keeping hold of the shoehorn’s handle).

FYI, this is called the shoe ‘counter’.

With the curved face in the counter and pointing forwards, pop your tootsie into the shoe and slide your heel down the horn. As you push the heel downward, slide the shoehorn out.

Repeat with your other shoe and there you have it! You’ve got your shoes on with none of the usual struggles.

5 Major Benefits Of Using a Shoehorn

Having been through the ‘what’ and the ‘how’, let’s turn to the ‘why’.

Here are 5 of the key benefits of using shoehorns to put on your shoes.

  1. It’s Good For Shoe (Get it?)

That’s right, shoe puns aside, using a horn is great for the welfare of your shoes.

Think about it:

What happens when you put them on normally?

Many people leave their laces done too tight, resulting in a major struggle between foot and shoe. Rather than stopping to loosen things up, we decide to fight! We will not admit defeat and force our feet down until the shoes are on properly.

In the process, though, we crumple the counter, stretch the seams, tear the threads and scuff the toes. We hop, skip, and kick our way inside, which damages the shoe.

Those beautiful shoes that you paid good money to start to look tired and beat up.

Using a shoehorn takes all of the fuss out of proceedings. You get your shoes on in seconds and with no struggle involved. You protect the materials and structural integrity of them in the process.

Shoes look better and function effectively for longer.

  1. They Save You Money

Let’s face it: Shoes aren’t cheap.

You might have paid hundreds of dollars on them.

Heck, some people spend thousands of dollars on shoes every year!

Can you afford to treat them in a rough and haphazard manner? If you do so, then they’ll wear out quicker and need replacing. That means more money leaving your account for no real reason.

Adhering to sensible maintenance practices is the best way to prolong the lifespan of a shoe. Everything from regular cleaning to appropriate storage methods will help.

Using a shoehorn can play a significant role here too.

It’ll keep the materials in better condition for longer, which will save you money down the line.

  1. Shoes Look Good For Longer

People don’t just buy shoes for their practicality though.

Their aesthetic appeal is just as important.

Which is another reason to get your hands on a shoehorn! As we’ve noted, this simple tool protects your footwear from unnecessary wear and tear. In so doing, it ensures that they continue to look their best as well.

  1. They Enable Independence

Young and able-bodied people take putting their own shoes on for granted.

Bending down to pop them on and tie the laces is easy. You might not even have to think about it!

But that’s far from the case for other people out there. For instance, older members of society who have mobility/dexterity issues can find putting on their shoes a challenge. Many are unable to do it unaided.

Shoehorns can restore a level of independence. After all, it removes the struggle that sometimes accompanies the process. There’s less need to bend down or fight with the shoe to get it on properly.

Of course, it isn’t only individuals with physical impairments that benefit in this way. Everyone wins when they can put their shoes on more easily!

  1. They Cost Next To Nothing

Another advantage of shoehorns is how little they cost.

The benefits of shoehorns that we’ve discussed so far are available for next to nothing! You could spend $20 or less on a shoehorn that’ll make your life easier and protect your shoes in the process.

Throw in the wide range of materials and styles and you’re onto a winner. You can find the perfect shoehorn for your needs/tastes at bargain prices.

Enjoy the Major Benefits of Shoehorns

Love your shoes and looking for a way to keep them in good shape?

Shoehorns are an essential tool to have at your disposal. Hopefully, this post has highlighted why that’s the case.

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