3 Different Casino Experiences & How To Dress For Each One

There are several different casino experiences for men. From your traditional tuxedo experience to modern ways to gamble, below are 3 different ways to win at life.

Traditional ‘Casino Royale’ Style Gambling

Pulling off the James Bond Tuxedo is the ultimate casino win. The tux can be daunting, especially for first time gamblers. Get it right and you will be sure to fit in with the high rollers.

Our insider tips for how to wear a tuxedo:

  1. Learn how to tie a bow tie.

One of life’s great skills. No cheating with elastic either!

  1. Dress for your body shape.

An ill-fitting tux can take your eye off the game. Maintain your Poker face with a tailored tuxedo.

  1. Never wear a white tuxedo.

Unless you’re Roger Moore always avoid white.

On the other hand, if you don’t want to dress up you can try your luck in a victual one. Online gambling allows gamers the opportunity to wear whatever they want. Whether your preference is to play live roulette in your pajamas ​or baccarat in your boxer shorts, there are numerous ways to test your luck at gambling. However, you might think about upping the ante and going offline, as a casino isn’t just a way to splash some cash, it’s an experience!

Las Vegas Casino Binge

Las Vegas is the holy grail of casinos. Once described as “How God would do it if he had money’’. Whilst you can sit all day playing the slots in your favourite shorts and matching Hawaiian, you really need to dress to impress in Sin City and here’s how:

1. Layer your clothing:

It maybe 40 degrees outside in the Mojave, but inside the casinos are kept cool by industrious air conditioning aiming to keep you awake that little bit longer. Did you know along with air freshener to hide the smell of cigarettes (it is still legal to smoke indoors in Nevada), they also pump oxygen into the casino to keep gamers alert? Everything is optimised to ensure you bet your last dime.

2. Dress for the Nightclub

Dressing for Las Vegas nightclubs is different to dressing for a night out in London or New York. Nobody is a local in Vegas (well except certain service industry professionals who wear very small dresses), so knowing somebody on the door probably won’t help. In Vegas money talks, so press your trousers, polish your shoes and wear your best aftershave.

Poolside Casinos

With the increasing popularity of gambling holidays (especially in Asia) the casino has spread from inside the hotel, to the pool. With Marina Bay Sands in Singapore and the biggest gambling resort on earth – the Chinese former Portuguese enclave of Macau providing huge purpose built holiday resorts the gaming starts early.

Here is how to reap the benefits.

  1. Poolside Blackjack:

With a Singapore Sling costing over $15.00 in Marina Bay Sands infinity pool, spend your holiday on Blackjack and your drinks will probably be complimentary. Plus, you won’t have to wait in line at a crowded bar or flag the attention of disinterested waiters.

  1. Entry level gaming:

The atmosphere poolside is casual and less intense than on the gaming floor. It’s a great way to learn how to play Blackjack, Roulette or Craps.

  1. Low Stakes gaming:

With some tables indoors having minimum bets starting at $10.00 the swim up tables often start at as little as $3.00. Make your money go further and gamble outdoors.

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