How To Pick the Perfect Engagement Ring

So you’ve decided to pop the big question and now follows the task of choosing the perfect ring. For most guys this is no mean feat. If you are looking for something unique then we have a few tips to help you figure out what would be the perfect engagement ring for her and for you.


Bit Of Detective Work

A good place to start to really begin getting a feel about your partner’s jewellery taste and style is to have a rummage through her jewellery box. It is possible that you have never really considered or even noticed her style preference when it comes to jewellery so now is the time to get a good impression of her jewellery taste. Have a look through to see whether she likes bold colours and chunky items. Or whether her jewellery seems to be a little bit more subtle and low key. Perhaps your girlfriend only has a few key pieces or perhaps her jewellery box is overflowing with different items.

Rummage through until you get an idea of her general style. If her jewellery is eclectic and bold you may want to be a little more daring with the type of ring you are looking for. If her jewellery is colourful you may want to determine her favourite colour and opt for a coloured stone. If her jewellery is pretty understated and minimalist you will probably want to go down the more classic and elegant route.


Once you have established the type of style you think your girlfriend will most love you will then want to jump online and put in a little research. If your girlfriends style is bohemian then read some brilliant earth reviews by Your Diamond Guru to find the kind of earthy and bohemian styles that would most suit her tastes. Or perhaps you have established that your girlfriends jewellery looks bold and she loves statement pieces in which case you are going to need to put some research into the types of jewellers that cater to that kind of style.

Whatever style you think will work best for your girlfriend, spend some time to really look into the best jewellery companies that cater for that kind of ring and then start looking through the ranges and whittling down the selection until you have just a handful of rings that you think she will love.

Size Her Finger

If you are unsure about the size of her finger you will need to find that out. Firstly you can ask around her girlfriends to see if any of them know. You will be surprised how many weird and wonderful details girls know about their friends, so one of them may know her ring size. If that fails, then you can take her ring measurement from her whilst she sleeps by wrapping a slim piece of paper around her finger, marking it and then taking the measurements.


So now that you know the style that you want and you have the right size it’s time to hit the shops. You are best off entailing the help of one of her friends who will be able to guide you in in the right direction, if you get a little lost, and who will be able to ensure that the ring you chose will be the perfect ring for the perfect proposal.

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