Dapper Essential Watch Accessories

The watch is a sign of elegance, sartorialism, and good time-keeping. All of which are essentials for the modern man, of course. But it’s not just about the timepiece itself, there are many other things you can use to find out more about what you are wearing, and keep it looking great for many years to come. Here are some amazing accessories that any lover of watches will enjoy.



This book

First of all, any self-respecting timepiece fanatic should have a copy of this book – A Grand Complication: The Race to Build the World’s Most Legendary Watch. It’s a complete history of the race to make the most complicated watch that the world has ever seen. It gives insight into the intricate work that takes place when a watch is made, and will fill in any gaps in your knowledge. Also, it might just inspire you to build your own!


Case opener

If you are a genuine watch fanatic, then how it looks is of secondary importance to how it works. Lying inside that lovely case lies hundreds of little parts and finely-crafted pieces that work in harmony to keep the time. And, with a watch case opener, you can see exactly how they work. Be careful – you might lose your warranty by opening up the case – but if you want to see how watches really work, it’s a must-have. Or consider buy a cheap watch that you can mess around with – very interesting to see it with your own eyes.


A watch roll

Watch lovers have a tendency to have more than one piece. That can cause problems when you are heading out of town on business or going off on a holiday jaunt around the world. If you struggle to find somewhere safe to keep your watches, then a watch roll will be just the ticket. You can store a number of pieces in there, and they will be given the protection that they deserve.


A watch winder

You also need somewhere safe to keep your watches in your home. Dust, dirt and accidents can all make a mess of your finest timepiece, so have a think about looking for some quality watch winders. Not only will they keep your watch ticking, but they will also keep them safe and secure from the environment. If you are spending serious money on keeping the time, then an extra couple of hundred bucks makes sense.


A vintage pocket watch

Nothing says ‘style’ as much as a pocket watch, and it sets off a hand-made suit to perfection. Go vintage if you can – thrift stores and vintage websites are a good starting point. You can also look into auctions to pick up some incredible pieces. Excellent watches are built to last, and there’s no more proof needed than when you find a working watch that is over a hundred years old.


Do you love watches? If so, what sort of accessories do you use? We’d love to hear from you, so don’t be shy and leave us a comment in the section below. Hope you enjoy your new watch accessories!


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