Adding a Bit of Class to Your Wardrobe: Male Styling Tips

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Are you starting to think that your wardrobe might be a little drab and lifeless? Here are some great ways to add a bit of class and up your style.


Don’t be a Slave to Brands

Adding a touch of class to your wardrobe doesn’t have to mean spending inordinate amounts of money on items of clothes, accessories or shoes – that’s not what style or fashion is about. So, don’t be one of those guys who has to buy all his clothes from certain brands. A brand usually means nothing in terms of style, they will come in and out of fashion very quickly.

If you want to discover the very best clothes out there, you should look at the cheap stuff as well as the expensive stuff. Some of the best items of clothing we’ve ever come across were in second-hand shops or the sale section of stores. It’s all about constructing a design from lots of interesting, disparate elements.

Invest in Good Shoes

A pair of good shoes can last you for a long time, so try your best to find the pair that are right for you. If there’s one thing that stands out about your outfit, it’s your shoes. You can tell a lot about a guy by the type of shoes he wears. You might not believe me, but it’s true. Your shoes can literally make or break your outfit, so it’s vital to put some thought into your next footwear purchase.

It’s worth spending a decent amount of money on your shoes. If you do this, you should buy a pair that will go with all different kinds of outfits. When you’re spending money, you need versatility. Otherwise, you’ll end up throwing money away on a pair of shoes that you won’t even wear very often. Brown or black brogues are a good example because they’re very versatile.

Malvern brogue in chestnut antique
The Malvern brogue in chestnut antique, 202 last, by Edward Green

Build a Variety of Good T-Shirts

Great t-shirts should be the cornerstone of any modern man’s wardrobe. You need t-shirts of all different varieties so that you have something for every occasion. You’ll be sure to get lots of use out of them because they’re so versatile. You can wear them in all kinds of different situations.

Y The other great thing about t-shirts is that they’re cheap! And none of us has money to burn, so they’ll offer you a great amount of style without having to break the bank.

Make Casual Less Casual

Your casual attire doesn’t have to mean dressing like a slob. This is something that an increasing number of men are getting wrong. Maybe it’s because we’re living in a society obsessed with the onesie and other such ridiculous fashion trends. But, if you ask, your casual clothes can be as stylish and thought-through as formal outfits.

You should try out different ideas until you find the casual style that’s right for you. Collared shirts can look great, classy and still feel relaxed. This is exactly the kind of look you should be searching for. Layers are also a good idea. Don’t just put a shirt one, add a cardigan to it to improve the look a bit.

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