7 Items the Modern Man Should Have on His Wish List

In today’s society, everything is evolving at a consistent and rapid rate. Everything from basic personal necessities to entertainment options and technology are turning from dreams to reality now. The items we once thought were out of reach are now present across hundreds of retailers.

Men in general have always been considered pretty simple when it comes to item necessities. However, there are a few things that every modern man should think about getting for himself. Here are just seven of them:

1. Sports Gear

While there are a variety of sports that exist, the one thing that a modern man loves to have in his possession is apparel from his favorite sports team. When it comes to sports gear, anything that has a sports logo is fair game. Items such as (but not limited to) coffee mugs/holder, t-shirt, sweaters, car sticker, in-home rugs, and socks are all suitable options.

During specific sports seasons, it is easy to notice a modern man go from regular casual clothes to representing his team every day.

2. An Indoor Grill

If there is one thing modern men enjoy on average, it is cooking outside. Grilling outside does not mean that a man has to be the greatest grill master ever. Depending upon your location, summer does not last all year around, which means grilling outside is not always a guarantee.

Indoor grills are becoming more advanced than traditional options. It is recommended that a small propane/gas/electric grill be put inside the house. Proper maintenance is key. It may be exciting to grill steaks indoors, but we highly recommend that you are safe when doing it.

3. E-cigars

One of the best (and arguably great healthy alternative) to something once considered bad is an E-cigar. Many modern men today are individuals that enjoy the act of smoking, which is understandable based upon personal preference. E-cigars provide more flavors at an affordable price and they can be reused, saving you money in the long run.

If you are looking for an E-cigar option, we have the perfect solution for you. Take a look at this article on e-cigars for the best products in addition to supplemental information about what they are.

4. Barber Kit

If there is one thing that every modern man enjoys, it is maintaining his outer appearance to their preference. The barbershop will always be a sacred place for men to get a great haircut/beard trim and converse amongst other men. However, the modern man also knows that haircuts can become a bit expensive depending upon the frequency.

A man with a basic barber kit will always look as if he just came from the barbershop. There are a variety of brands and kits that come with everything the modern man will need. A main clipper, a trimmer/liner, and typically a small trimmer specifically for ears and nose will get the job done.

The perfect barber clip will come with everything needed to perfect a respectable look. This is a great kit of items to have for the modern man that travels a lot. Whether it is on a personal or business basis, knowing that the option is there is always better than nothing.

5. Mobile tablet

Every modern man should have a mobile tablet on hand at all times. This is another item that can be used for both personal and/or business reasons. While cell phones have become pretty advanced and almost as functional as a laptop, the average person drains their phone battery quicker than they desire.

Having a mobile tablet such as a Kindle, iPad, or Samsung Galaxy Tab (just to name a few) are all pretty great options. When the modern man is in the market for a mobile tablet, the choice is all based upon personal preference.

6. Paid for Netflix/Hulu account

Now this may seem like more of a “service” than an item, however, for the sake of this article it is a must need item. Cable TV is slowly, but surely becoming a thing of the past. Every modern man needs an updated Netflix/Hulu account(s) at all times.

7. Video Games 

Despite common belief, video games are actually great stress relievers. While some adults like to play the “you are too old to be playing video games” card, don’t forget that it is grown adults whom create video games. Consoles such as PS4 and Xbox are the most popular right now. The Nintendo 3DS is the preferred handheld video game option.

If they’re not already a part of your list, go add them!

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