11 Signs To See Whether A Guy Is Genuinely Interested in You

They say actions communicate louder than words. And when it comes to the complex chemistry of romance, words mean less, actions matter more. Ladies! When the cat and mouse game catches fire, you need to have a clue whether he is really into you or not, right? And whether you need to push some buttons that will finally get you guys together or pull you apart.


11 Ways To See If A Guy Is Interested In You

Here are the telltale signs that will ensure you don’t stay in a dilemma for too long:

1) He Compliments You From Time To Time

Naturally, we all find it difficult to ignore someone who showers us with compliments on virtually everything we do, how we look and what we are great at. If he keeps telling you good things and you notice his admiration towards you, then the dude probably has something to say. Just pin your ears back and give it time as you ponder over it.

2) He Wants To Know You

Everyone has many sides within them which they allow the world to see. But everybody has their true colours that are only known to some close friends and relatives. The one interested in you should be curious to discover everything about you. He should ensure a comfortable connection that allows you to be more open. Then, you decide to hide or expose your entire life. An honest dude wants to know everything about you from family, to dreams, likes, fears and from goals to ideas, and respects it all.

3) You Have His Time

Time is one precious gift a person can offer you— we only don’t realise it until we have it or lose it. With everyone pugnacious about making ends meet, time is one thing no one is willing to give to merely anyone. But when a dude spares some time to visit or pass by for a casual hello, then he is into you. Make sure you don’t miss this signal because it means he wants you.

4)…And His Ears Too

A guy who genuinely wants you will lend you all ears on everything you say from ideas some would view as silly, to serious thoughts. An interested dude even asks about your life and always help you make important decisions. If he listens to you and offers genuine advice than its time to push the button and stop asking yourself why doesn’t he want me.

5) Eyes Don’t Lie!

Yes! It’s all in the eyes. They never lie. Eyes expose us to one’s inner thoughts. You can notice the sparkle in his eyes when you come around and tell that this guy is really into you. Take straight glances into his eyes to confirm whether he is genuinely into you or whether the smiles are plastic. This is one sign that should never go unnoticed, if he is real you’ll see it in his eyes.

6) Chats About The Future

If he’s frankly into you, he’ll pay attention to his life, and yours as well.  Does he show concern about your priorities and anticipations from life? Does he want to know where you two stand so far? Always check to find out if he is curious about your present situation and thinks of a future for the two of you.

7) Introduces You To Pals & Siblings

Being introduced one to friends and family may sound like an everyday thing. But it is a major step and sign when a guy who’s been hitting on you, or a dude you’ve been with for some time starts to introduce you to pals and siblings. The way he introduces you will turn things on or off. Is he making sure everyone knows you mean everything to him? Are there signs he has been discussing you with these people before you even meet them? If yes, listen to him.

8) He’s Curious About Your Past Relationship

If a person is eager to find out about knowing your previous relation, then he sees you more as a pal or mate. They will inquire about the details about your past including how you met and why things never worked out for you. The dude who asks about your history is intimately interested in you.

9) He Cares For You

A man who’s been swept off his heels takes care of lady to the best of his capacity. He’ll ask what you’d like for dinner, where you want to have it and considers all details with utmost care. His small actions should speak louder than the kind words he utters from time to time. He is willing to offer a hand for every single task you wish to accomplish near him.

10) Strives To Be A Better Dude

A dude interested in your ties to improve on everything from his looks to his goals and begins to take every matter seriously. He is focused on winning your heart by progressing and growing daily. Then he lets you know that he is improving and getting more focused. When a man does this, give him a chance, because he wants to be taken seriously.

11) He Gives You Extra Attention

Is he blowing your phone with texts from time to time and hitting you through different communication avenues like social media or emails. Are you picking more calls than you’ve been receiving lately (and most are from him)? Maybe he is always popping up at your place to check on you and carries a flower or an ice cream with your name on it.

All these are signs he wants to get close to you. You’ll also find he remembers many little things about you, even the ones you don’t give weight and shows special concern to matters that affect your happiness and well-being.

Wrapping Up

Is he showing any of the above signs? Well, take time to study him well lest you dive in and start complaining how you wish you knew? But don’t be too difficult to get either. Just let the connection grow naturally without trying to speed up things or slow them down.

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