How To Set Up The Ultimate Camping Trip With The Guys

Camping trips are making a comeback in a big way. The modern man knows that it’s a good idea to get away with it all with no company but a few friends and nature. It helps to ground us, to get in touch with ourselves past the pressures of modern life and experience something different. More guys are seeing the appeal of leaving the city and enjoying good company and good food over a fire. But if you want a real trip of substance, you need to make sure you prepare.

Where to go

No doubt there are thousands of great camping sites available all over, so we’re not going to narrow it down geographically. There are certain aspects to choosing the exact kind of camping spot you and the guys need to find, however. Solitude is an important part of a good camping trip, so try to avoid the places near the big car parks on the edge of it all. Use apps like Google Maps to find good clear spaces in your selected park or forest. Scout it out and listen for signs of potential danger, like trucks or cracking ice.

Make a first-aid kit

Safety is first with all things, especially when talking about camping. The chances of infection and illness developing from untreated wounds is much higher than usual. For that reason, you need to be ready to take care of any injuries that appear. For that, you need a full first-aid kit. The right wound care includes disinfectant, gauze and a sewing needle you should know how to use. Make sure you have antibiotics if someone is showing signs of infection. If you’re dealing with fire, keep burn treatment supplies on hand, too.–Aid-Kit-for-Camping

The campsite

When it comes to your actual campsite, if you come unprepared, you’re going to have an incredibly uncomfortable time. Besides the tent and sleeping bags, you’re going to need foundation for your tent’s base so you’re not sitting on cold hard ground. The right choice of tarp could be all the difference between a dismal trip or an awesome one. If you’re camping in an area with risk of biting insects, then a mosquito net is just as vital. Make sure you have enough space for everyone or else your good company is going to become an annoyance very soon into the trip.

The clothes

Depending on the season, you’re going to need a few changes of clothes. Not just for the amount of days you’re spending there, but to be prepared for any changes in nature. You’ll need a base layer, fit for comfort and putting extra clothes on top of. These double as your sleeping clothes. Then you need camp clothes you have no problem getting dirty in. Gloves, hats and weatherproof clothes should round out the outfit selection on hand.

What not to wear

Another thing just as important is the clothes you shouldn’t be bringing. For example, flip-flops are never a good choice over sandals. They’ll only be a constant nuisance as you’re trying to go from one place to the other. Be mindful of others you might potentially meet, too. For example, ill-fitting swimwear or wearing nothing at all should be avoided if possible. Shirts with profanities or references to drugs might get you in bother with any rangers you encounter, too.

Building a campfire

Part of the whole camp experience has got to be the feeling of building a campfire. It’s a must-have for getting that ‘primal man discovering flame’ feeling that we all have a craving for. However, building a campfire doesn’t come naturally to everyone. Avoid frustrated hours of failing to get little more than a spark. Use the following guide to learn how exactly to build a fire and the importance of the individual parts. Bring your own tinder if your campsite is particularly damp.

The food

Part of why building that fire is so important is the awesome power of flame cooked food. There’s nothing quite like cooking meat over the fire. There’s good reason why cooking is many a man’s favourite part of any trip. Stock up on plenty of things you don’t need to cook, depending on how many days you’ll be there. Still, don’t neglect to learn some easy, delicious recipes that will tempt you and your friends to never use a cooker again.


Besides a good tent and a good tarp set up, there are a tips it’s good to keep in mind for having a good night’s sleep. Poor sleep is one way to turn a great camping trip into a dismal time, so this is important to remember. Managing body temperature is important, so have covers of varying materials whether you need to keep cool or warm. A good pair of earplugs is vital if you find yourself needing to block out the sounds of the outside world. Most importantly, make sure your tent is clear of any falling hazards. A collapsing branch can be painful at best, life threatening at worst.

The gear

We’ve already covered what you need for first aid, clothing and the camp itself. What else do you need? Well, in the case of emergency, you should always keep a fully charged phone or radio switched off for when you need it. Plenty of lighting and torches will keep your path clear even in the darkest nights. A lot also depends on when you’re going. Use your checklist to make sure everything’s packed before you head off.

What to do

There might be times you find yourself getting bored. You don’t want to bog things down with an itinerary but it’s a good idea to have a notion of what you can do to kill the boredom. Hiking or biking is always great so long as you know the route around you. Fishing can be a relaxing way to kill a few hours. Going exploring is always a good idea, just be careful that you know your way back to the camp. has a great post featuring dozens of different techniques to both build and start survival camp fires using natural and man-made tools. There may even be a few techniques you’ve never heard of.

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