What is Alternative Clothing & How to Wear It

Most fashion trends start as something niche and brand new to the industry, with some trends even shocking and revolutionising the fashion world. Emerging trends and new styles are everywhere you look; starting with the luxury fashion houses right down to the high street and independent boutiques. However, finding your own style can sometimes feel like a challenge; how do you know what trends to follow?

This is where alternative clothing found its own niche; the opportunity to wear whatever you like, even if it’s not the most popular look on this season’s catwalks. So, what exactly does alternative clothing mean, and how do you adopt the style for yourself?

What Does Alternative Clothing Mean?

Alternative clothing often refers to a fashion style that, at one time, stood apart from the popular mainstream styles. It is often inspired by fashion choices of subcultures in society, like hip hop, punk and grunge. It’s a style of clothing that goes against the grain; something different to the usual.

However, alternative clothing often encompasses artistic characteristics too, showing off a flair for creativity with unconventional patterns and embellishments. Eventually, alternative clothing styles find their way into mainstream fashion, especially if particular styles or designs spark a trend of their own. Often, alternative clothing can also influence emerging trends; punk rock and hip hop fashion are two that have made their way on to catwalks in the past.

Alternative clothing gives fashion a unique identity amongst the masses of styles that are produced every season; giving a group within society their own character.

How Do You Wear Alternative Clothing?

The beauty of fashion is that anyone can adopt whatever style they like. With no real boundaries or rules, the fashion industry is open to so many options. So, if you want to be a little different in your approach, it’s not as daunting as you might think.

There are many different characteristics of alternative clothing, from many different subcultures. Gothic inspired clothing often features dark prints, Gothic writing and metal detailing to create an edgy look. Demonstrate this with a printed t-shirt and dark coloured jeans.

If you’re hoping to follow more of a streetwear, urban style, sports luxe is your go-to. While it may have made its way into more mainstream avenues, sports luxe is a unique look that you can mix and match using a multitude of different designs. Think tracksuit pants teamed up with luxury accessories.

Grunge is another interesting alternative style to explore. Influenced by a dishevelled, androgynous style, slogan t-shirts, plaid shirts and ripped jeans make the perfect grunge outfit. Made popular by the likes of Kurt Cobain, grunge is designed to be on the shabby and ragged side of fashion.

The great thing about alternative clothing is that you probably already recognise most of these styles; you will see them on the high street, in high fashion magazines and on Instagram.