6 Amazing Ways To Kill Some Time Using Your Trusty Mobile Phone

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While we like to keep ourselves busy, there are times where we haven’t got anything to do. We could think of an activity to occupy ourselves. But, what happens if we’re waiting for something? For instance, we’re stuck on a bus or train for a few hours waiting to get to our destination.

Or we could be at an airport, waiting to board a delayed flight. As you can imagine, there are plenty of time where we’ll find ourselves without the chance to do much. For the most part, we’ll have our trusty smartphones with us.

Did you know that you can use your mobile device to kill some time? If you’ve got a boring wait to look forward to, check out these amazing ideas! Hint: one of them isn’t checking how robust your device is from a great height!

  1. Learn A Language

Let’s picture a common scenario. You have a couple of hours to kill waiting for your train, plane or bus ride. It also happens to be a Sunday, and most places are now closed. All you can do is sit in a waiting room with other bored passengers.

What if there was a way you could learn a new skill while you’ve got nothing else better to do with your time? One of the best things to do in such a situation is to learn a new language.

You are already fluent in your native tongue, so there’s no reason not to learn another language. It’s fun, it passes the time, and it can even help you with things you do in the future. For example, you are likely to get better-paying jobs if you can speak more than one language.

Are you wondering which languages are the easiest for English speakers to learn? Have a go at learning Dutch, German and French.

  1. Do Some Online Betting

There are millions of apps you can download that do various things. One such niche is betting. Are you feeling lucky today? Got a hot tip for a football match or a horse race? Well, you could download a betting app and try your luck!

Some apps offer signup bonuses so you can get free money to bet with after your initial deposit. There is many a source for bookmakers and their betting apps. Just find one that suits the type of betting you want to do.

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  1. Plan Your Next Holiday

Apps like Kayak let you seek out the best deals on flights, accommodation, and car rentals. You might not think it, but it’s possible to use your smartphone to organize your next vacation!

There’s no doubt you have an idea of where you want to go and who you wish to take with you. Now is as good a time as any to plan and book your next getaway.

  1. Pay Your Bills

The rise of online banking means that it’s possible to pay bills using a smartphone. Most of the major banks offer banking apps that let you carry out a wide range of functions.

For example, you can check your balance, transfer money and, of course, pay some bills. It’s worth mentioning that some banks might need to send you a code to use with your app. It usually gets sent out in the mail, and it’s needed the first time you use their app.

Of course, you can ignore that last sentence if you’re already a regular user of your bank’s mobile app.

  1. Have A Video Call With Distant Relatives

Are you in an area with a good mobile reception? If so, you could always Facetime or Skype your relatives overseas! Believe it or not, video calls seldom use much data. That’s because the data that gets transmitted is “compressed.” In other words, it doesn’t use as much bandwidth as it should.

I recommend checking what time it is at the other end. I don’t think your relatives would appreciate a video call at 4 am!

  1. Do Some Online Dating

Are you an eligible bachelor? Looking for love but don’t usually have the time to look for Mr or Miss Right? You can use your smartphone as a dating tool!

Apps like Tinder and Match are fun ways to hook up with someone that has like-minded interests. You might not think it, but online dating is commonplace these days. Let’s face it; we all lead busy lives and sometimes need a bit of help in the romance department. Also, if you’re after something serious, you’re not likely to find the person of your dreams in a bar.

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