5 Gym Gear Gift Ideas For Men

Whether he’s a pro cyclist, marathon runner, gym fiend or complete newbie to exercise, a good piece of fitness gear is a functional and meaningful gift that will help a man enjoy his next session that much more. After all, his shelves are probably already filled with enough colognes and coffee mugs.

Getting him something that will do a lot more than simply collect dust is never a bad idea. Perhaps your gift will also motivate the less fitness-focused gentleman to pursue a more active lifestyle.

From comfy trainers and stylish clothing to impressive tech and convenient accessories, we’ve compiled a list of five gym gear gifts that will please any man who enjoys a good workout.

5 Gym Gear Gift Ideas For Men

1. New Balance Trainers

When it comes to sportswear brands, New Balance is a bit of an underdog. Trumped in popularity by fitness staples such as Nike and Adidas, you’d think that their running kicks aren’t the best out there. However, those such as the Fresh Foam shoes offer excellent value for money, plenty of comfort and a neat, versatile design.

New Balance did a great job with the Fresh Foam line, creating a comfortable and clean silhouette that can be used not only at the gym but as a general sneaker for casual occasions. The perforated mesh upper and thick foam outsole offer unrivalled breathability and comfort.

2. Body-Shaping Vest

Body-shaping vests like this one are like workout vests on steroids. Even though they still have the same clean, simple design as a standard vest, they’re packed with plenty of impressive features and benefits. The lightweight fabric compresses your torso, offering abdominal and lumbar support while also preserving body heat and stimulating sweat.

3. Traditional Fitness Tracker

While there are plenty of fitness tracking apps out there, some people prefer to take a more traditional route to help them stay on top of their goals. The Fitlosophy Fitbook is a great example of a more timeless approach to fitness tracking, offering a carefully crafted template for you to note down your workout program.

The Fitbook features weekly planning and goal setting pages, as well as a daily food log. There’s also a nutrient and vitamin tracker, sleep monitoring section, and a water consumption section. It’s a great analog solution that’s convenient and fun to use.

4. Fitbit Smartwatch

While traditional fitness trackers have their place in your gym bag, no set of workout gear is complete without a Fitbit. Having real-time information on your workout allows you to tailor your routine to your goals and gain in-depth insight on how you’re performing and progressing.

Aside from doing normal watch stuff like telling you the time and setting alarms, modern Fitbit models such as the popular Charge line feature heart rate tracking, distance recording, sleep monitoring and synchronisation to your smartphone, allowing most models to perform smartwatch functions such as showing notifications.

It makes for a gift that’s just as meaningful as a classic watch, but with the added benefit of almost limitless functionality.

5. Jump Rope

The jump rope is a staple of almost every athlete’s workout routine. Few accessories can compare to the agility-increasing, cardiovascular endurance-boosting power of a good old jump rope. Not to mention how fun they are once you get the hang of it.

These days jump ropes are a little more advanced than the traditional wooden handle-clad ropes you had in school. The steel bearings found on models such as the Survival and Cross jump rope eliminates friction, allowing the rope to rotate quickly and smoothly. They don’t get tangled and are lighter than you can ever imagine.

What’s your idea of the perfect gym gear gift for a man? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.