Male Fashion Accessories That You Shouldn’t Be Without

Perhaps you’ve put together the perfect outfit for a date tomorrow. Maybe you’ve got your suit ready, your shirts are pressed and you’ve worn the outfit to check that everything fits. You stare into the mirror, pleased with yourself but there’s something missing. Although your clothes are perfect and your hair is neatly trimmed for the occasion, you still feel like your image is missing something.

Enter accessories. Perhaps you’re missing a watch, a scarf or maybe your belt doesn’t look quite right. Whatever it might be, it’s never too late to add a couple of accessories to your outfit in order to complete your ultimate look.


Every modern man has a repertoire of digital items in their homes that are useful, productive and practical. For example, you might have a smartphone in your pocket, a stylish pair of wireless headphones or even a tablet at home which you use for work and leisure. However, nothing screams “stylish” like a traditional watch with leather straps.

The classic timepiece will always be a relevant item in any man’s wardrobe. However, don’t make the mistake of buying a fancy digital watch or a smartwatch like many hip teenagers are getting these days. Pick a luxury timepiece without all the pompous gimmicks, such as a Bolvaint watch with clean leather straps and a minimalistic design that oozes with style.

Messenger Bags

If you’re going to be carrying a lot of items, then keep them in a stylish messenger bag instead of bloating your pockets. It has to be clean, free of logos and stickers and silly designs, and be light enough to carry around with you. It needs to look like part of your outfit, not just a tacky add-on that you thought about afterwards. Try your best to match it to the rest of your outfit and ensure you don’t weigh it down with loads of heavy items.



A high-quality leather belt will set you back quite a bit of money, but it will last a very long time assuming that you don’t mistreat it. Unlike many teenagers who never tuck in their shirts, a stylish male will always keep their shirt tucked in to show off their belt and buckle. If you want to look gentlemanly, then ensure that your belt looks the part so you can stand out in a crowd and impress the people you meet with.


If you need to wear glasses, then ensure it looks good as part of your entire outfit. This means that you should have relatively modest frames that aren’t brightly coloured. Don’t get frames that are too big either; they will make you look like you’re trying to be a young teenager instead of a stylish gentleman. If the weather is hot and the sun’s rays are shining, then protect your eyes with a modish pair of sunglasses. You might want to own several pairs of sunglasses or glasses to ensure that you always have something that looks the part and fits your overall style.

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