5 Summer Menswear Fashion Trends To Incorporate Into Your Wardrobe

Summer is just around the corner, and as the days get hotter and night’s out more frequent, many men are feeling the need for a serious wardrobe update.

When it comes to summer style, however, it’s not always easy knowing how to adapt your wardrobe without sticking to the same old looks.

If you’re in the midst of picking out some new items ready for summer, then have a read of this summer 2017 style guide which includes 5 of the top menswear trends for summer 2017.

5 Summer Menswear Fashion Trends

1. British Punk

Punk certainly isn’t dead this summer, with an influx of rebellious, 80’s inspired styles dominating the catwalk.

While you might not want to fully delve into the dramatic punk style, this trend can be easily created with some subtle details such as drainpipe skinny jeans, simple studs and slogan tee’s.

2. Pink Hue’s 

If there was ever a time to embrace the colour pink, it’s now!

Light pink hues were seen all over the spring/summer catwalk for 2017, and are already popping up on the high street as a result.

Add a pop of pink to your wardrobe with a colourful cap or tee, or make even more of a statement with an all pink ensemble like the outfit seen 0n the Topman catwalk look above.

3. Go Bold

Striking stripes, bold colour palettes and eye catching sunglasses have all become major elements of menswear this season.

Visit your local high street, and you’re likely to see a variety of dramatic looking styles that are perfect for sprucing up your wardrobe. Go for clothing in colours you wouldn’t normally choose, with unconventional prints and quirky cuts for a sure fire way to add some fun to your look this summer.

4. Check Yourself

Checks and squares were seen in lots of different forms throughout the summer catwalks, from bold checked co-ords to subtle square prints. Luckily, this is a trend that’s really easy to achieve, with casual shirts in checked prints being a classic summer staple.

If you’re feeling extra bold, opt for tartan patterns or checked trousers to really nail the catwalk style.

5. Purple Rain

Pink wasn’t the only colour to flood the summer catwalks, with purple being another shade to dominate the men’s fashion scene. Perhaps influenced by Prince’s untimely death just a few months before, designers such as Versace embraced this trend with regal looking garments in deep purple shades. Try this trend out yourself by pairing purple garments with black or grey clothing for a cool, understated summer look.

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