What Women Expect From A Man On A First Date

OK so we may be making sweeping generalisations here but most women have a certain expectation that they expect to be met on their first date.

That starts with how a man is presented. Let’s focus on how a man should prepare for that first meeting, after all first impressions count:

Find Out What She Likes

If you’ve got to know each other through an online dating site then you already have a good idea of her likes and dislikes. If you are preparing to meet for the first time then drop in some questions about what she looks for in a man. She’s already seen your profile picture so she knows what your hair looks like and if you have a beard. Find out whether she is a fan of casual, trendy, smart……it will make what to wear a much easier decision.

Look Like You’ve Taken The Time

While we don’t expect you to take hours to get ready for your date, there is a certain standard to meet. Take a little extra care than you would for a night out with your mates. Small things can make a big difference. Iron the shirt for a start. This speaks volume. Take a bit of extra time over your hair and general appearance and make sure you look like you’ve made an effort. If you have a beard then groom it! Treat yourself to some beard conditioner and make sure it is looking extra impressive!

Dress To Impress

Now you don’t need to don a tuxedo and dickie bow. Women do have a certain standard but you don’t need to be James Bond! In fact, it’s hard to get the right balance where a date is concerned. Choose something smart casual if in doubt. Dress up a shirt and jeans with a blazer or jacket. Dress for the venue as well. If you are going to a nice restaurant then your attire will be different than a night at the cinema.

You’ve Got To Smell Good

This is often near the top of a list. Women like their men to smell good! Get out the best aftershave and for goodness sake make sure you’ve had a shower! If you’ve come from a day at work and are heading straight for a date then this might be tricky so pack your Sure for Men!

The Shoes Say A Lot

Maybe this is a British thing, maybe not, but British women often judge a man by his shoes! It’s true. The shoes speak volumes. Don’t wear dirty shoes for a start. Get out the polish and give them a good clean. Choose the right shoes for your date. Wearing brogues bowling isn’t a great look. Don’t go to casual either. Wearing trainers to a restaurant is not a good choice of footwear. A good pair of shoes can make the difference to the overall look of your outfit so choose wisely.

Clean Teeth & Fresh Breath

You are after all going to try for a first kiss, right? Make sure you pay particular attention to your teeth. Give them a thorough clean, floss and finish off with a good mouthwash! If you are going to be eating steer clear of garlic and take some breath mints just in case. If you are a smoker then don’t smoke if she doesn’t! This can be a deal breaker for many women. No one wants to kiss an ashtray!

If in doubt seek the advice of a female friend or sister. Someone around the same age will be able to give you tips on how to impress on your first date. Most of all be yourself and enjoy it!

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