Try Wingman; A Brand Your Face Will Thank You For

Wingman is a male grooming brand that has been dominating social media recently, all over Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. So we felt it was our duty to let you know who they are and what our favourite products in their range are.

Who Are Wingman?

Wingman regard themselves as a British brand that combines lifestyle and performance to deliver awesome grooming products for men and we completely agree! Wingman give men with active lifestyles the products they need to stay fresh, for long.

We really like the principles that underpin their brand;

If you want “unnecessary science” and “technobabble” then Wingman probably isn’t the brand for you. If you want women’s skincare products rebranded as “just for men” then Wingman probably isn’t the brand for you. BUT, if you want a no nonsense approach with products that do exactly what men need them to do with no compromise on quality then Wingman is the male grooming brand for you.

Our Favourites

We jumped at the chance we got to try out the entire grooming range from Wingman! We’d heard great things about Wingman and couldn’t wait to try them out for ourselves, and we weren’t disappointed!
Wingman’s range includes Citrus Charge, Jet Fuel or Mint Boom 3-in-1 shower gels (shower, shampoo and shave). A purifying face scrub and 2 face washes (Cleansing or Sensitive) and 2 moisturisers (Energising or Sensitive). We don’t want to bore you with a huge list of all the things we loved about all their products, so what we’re our top 3?

  1. Our favourite Wingman product would have to be their Purifying Face Scrub without a doubt. The face scrub contains Dried Apricot, Ginseng and Vitamins and is a great way to wake your face up in the morning, a great way to start the day.
  2. We love Wingman’s 3-in-1 Mint Boom, simply because it leaves you skin feeling really fresh and clean. Added bonus, the product has 3 uses shower, shampoo and shaving. Meaning you only have to remember one product when showering, particularly great for fellow gym users as you don’t have to mess around taking your shower gel and shampoo into the shower. Men’s morning grooming routines just got a whole lit simplier.
  3. Wingman’s Sensitive Moisturiser in combination with the other 2 products above makes for the perfect grooming routine for the active man. The aloe vera in the moisturiser has great hydrating and soothing activity on sensitive skin. The matt action of the moisturiser leaves for a non-greasy finish – a sweating, greasy look isn’t a good look for anyone!

Where Can I Buy Wingman’s Products?

Wingman are stocked in all major high street retailers such as ASDA, Superdrug, Tesco and many more – so you can pretty much pick up these epic products anywhere.

Help For Heros

We love brands that give back and Wingman certainly does. For every sale of SkinFuels and 250ml 3-in-1 Multi-Gels, Wingman donates 5p to Help for Heros – a great cause. Wingman’s epic brand and products are helping Help For Heroes to give the best support to service men and women, who have suffered injuries or illness’ while in the line of duty.

Overall, we love Wingman and you should definitely give them a try.