Virgil Abloh For Louis Vuitton – Street Style Meets High-End Fashion

Modern fashion has redesigned what it means to be fashionable. Couture now celebrates the street life and the casual, day-to-day looks of ordinary people, rather than trying to cater to the upper-class hordes of society.

New designers are aware of this trend and are inspired to start a fashion revolution, combining street-clothes they have always seen with the luxurious feel of runway looks. One of these revolutionaries is Louis Vuitton’s mens artistic director Virgil Abloh, a 38-year American fashion designer revolutionising modern fashion.

Abloh is famous for his own brand Off-White, which has seen unprecedented success as of late, especially after the success of a collaboration in partnership with Nike. It’s no wonder that Louis Vuitton were so keen to have him on board following the move of Kim Jones to Dior Homme.

Virgil Abloh For Louis Vuitton

Abloh is so different from other designers in the way that he doesn’t try to force together street collections and high-end fashion in what can be some clashing combinations. Instead he works to casually bring them together in ways that do not feel forced at all. His newest collection for Louis Vuitton feels so refreshing because it invites players to the table of the high-fashion industry that had few seats there before.

Abloh makes design statements via words that had never been mentioned before in the world of high-end design, such as Margielaism. This new vocabulary does not just define Virgil Abloh, but helps distinguish this new class of up-and-coming designers from the designers of the past. Although Abloh gets credit for finding the right words to express the practices of the new generation of designers.

Some of the old-fashioned closed minds of the fashion world doubt Abloh’s latest streetwear designs, but these concerns are rooted in envy. Abloh’s choice to amplify voices that got shouted over by fashion consumers in the past is bringing him to a level that other designers can only ever dream of achieving.

He recognised the importance of diversity in today’s market, which celebrates diversity across all cultures and no longer just takes from the few.

“For me, it’s about being attached to the culture,” Abloh said in an interview when asked about how he stays so inspired to create his genius works.

Virgil Abloh’s Opens His Doors To The Public

Abloh is very open about the influences for his designs and about his practices, inviting the world to his cutting-room floor to see some of the techniques he uses to seamlessly work haute couture with accessible, natural looking styles of the street.

A lot of high-end designers in the fashion industry remain inaccessible to the population, yet Abloh opens his doors. Not only does this benefit the world at large, feeling closer to such a visionary in the high-fashion industry, but this gives Abloh more chances to stay connected to the culture that he draws so much inspiration from.

By establishing this give-and-take relationship with the public, this makes Abloh’s already-down-to-earth collection feel that much more personal. These personal touches also make it much easier to incorporate Abloh’s collections into already-street-heavy wardrobes. His cuts and colour combinations blend in with the controlled chaos of street fashion, making them a good addition for everyday wear, which is something that even a lot of other “street-ready” high-fashion lines cannot promise. He worked to keep real-world applications and comfort in mind when designing not just his latest Louis Vuitton collection, but all his collections.

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Virgil Abloh stands as a figure who is re-imagining what a vogue brand actually produces and advocates for those previously alienated by these vogue brands. He breathes a breath of fresh air into the sometimes-stale-feeling room of high-end fashion brands, yet he is not impossibly far away to his consumers.

Abloh stands for balance within the fashion community, and it is that sense of balance that he communicates in all of his designs and makes it look absolutely effortless.