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Nottingham, UK has a wide variety of gyms to offer all it’s residents, students and young professionals. These gyms in Nottingham range from your cheap basic gym, just a gym with no extras, to more premium gyms and health clubs such as David Lloyd and Roko, both with all the facilities you could ever need.

With Nottingham having so many gyms on offer, it can be hard to pick a gym to join when you finally decide to get up off the sofa and get active. There comes a point when too much choice makes the decision process harder and longer.

The team here at GroomingMail find ourselves spending a lot of time in Nottingham and when we think about it, collectively we have visited all the major gyms and health clubs in and around Nottingham. Therefore, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to review the gyms in Nottingham, sharing with you our thoughts and experiences of the gyms in Nottingham and helping you to come to a decision about which gym to join. We’re going to be covering the below gyms in the review:

  1. David Lloyd in West Bridgford, Nottingham
  2. Roko Health Club in West Bridgford, Nottingham
  3. ‘The Gym’ in Nottingham City Centre
  4. Virgin Active on London Road, Nottingham

Selecting the correct gym is an important for maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, and actually achieving your fitness goals – a dull, boring gym can leave your urging to be back on the sofa and not going back. Luckily for us and our waist lines, the gyms in Nottingham haven’t resulted in us sat back on the sofa every night which each gym having it’s own pros and cons.

Below you’ll find out top 4 gyms (in no particular order) and some information about whats good and whats not so hot…

Our Favourite Gyms In Nottingham

David Lloyd – West Bridgford, Nottingham

David Lloyd has 2 gyms in Nottingham, however, the David Lloyd in West Bridgford is the one we tend to visit the most out of the 2. The West Bridgford David Lloyd has recently had a £1.5 million renovation and wow what an improvement it has made, we love the new and improved David Lloyd.

David Lloyd Nottingham
David Lloyd, West Bridgford, Nottingham | Gyms in Nottingham

The West Bridgford gym has all new, state of the art gym equipment which offers an open plan gym format, spinning bike area, free weight area, 2 stretching zones and 2 aerobic studies – all the facilities you expect from an established, premium health club like David Lloyd. The club has both an indoor and outdoor swimming for you to make the most of, with an outdoor spa garden and indoor sauna and steam room – the ultimate place to go and relax after a workout.

The spa garden in David Lloyd, West Bridgford (we’re not sure if all David Lloyds have one) is the ultimate place to be in the summer, when the sun finally shines, it can be hard to believe that you’re actually in a David Lloyd in the heart of West Bridgford Nottingham and not in some premium hotel abroad.

Below are some pictures of both pools and the spa garden at David Lloyd, West Bridgford, so you can see for yourself how premium the facilities are and how it can be the perfect Nottingham gym to swim and then relax.

David Lloyd, West Bridgford Membership Prices

David Lloyd really are leading the way in the health and fitness market here in Nottingham, particularly in their West Bridgford club. However,  state of the art equipment and premium facilities are reflected in the membership prices.

The membership prices for David Lloyd will set you back around £60-£100 depending on the variables and extras included in the membership package, there is also a joining fee on top of that too. But, as the saying goes “you get what you pay for” and a lot of people certainly are willing to pay these membership prices, as the gym is regularly busy with a good buzz about it.

  • £1.5 million recent renovation
  • £60-100 per month plus joining fee
  • State of the art gym equipment and premium facilities
  • Outdoor spa garden which is a great place to relax
  • Indoor and outdoor pool

Read our article on 5 reasons why you should join a David Lloyd.

Roko Health Club – West Bridgford, Nottingham

Roko Health Club, Nottingham has all the facilities you could need from a gym. The gym features an indoor and outdoor swimming pool, a wide range of instructor-lead classes and a large variety of gym equipment. Roko’s range of equipment includes: cardio, resistance, functional zone, free weights, power plates, suspension training, cables and stretch equipment and facilities.

Roko Gym Nottingham
Roko Nottingham | Nottingham Gym

Roko, Nottingham has recently also had a brand new make over to both the gym and the members area. The gym flooring and equipment has had a much needed upgrade making Roko Nottingham a great place to workout once again.

The new equipment at Roko includes a Synergy XL Mix Rig, Wattbikes and Skillmills (all pictured below) and a lot more. The refurbishment makes Roko Nottingham a modern place to workout with brand-new gym technology and equipment, great for someone who is looking to spice up their workout routine.

Roko Nottingham is easily accessible as it’s situated in heart of the Wilford/ West Bridgford area, great for people living in the surrounding areas. It’s also has really good connections to Nottingham’s main roads, so a great place to workout before or after work.

Roko Nottingham Membership Prices

The membership price of Roko Nottingham is around £40-£50 a month with a joining fee. The price isn’t too bad when you consider that the health club has 2 pools, new gym equipment, an indoor spa and a lot more. Roko is normally quite quiet so you don’t have to wait around to use the equipment or worry about all the lanes in the pool being used.

The gym also has a cafe area and has recently had a refurb of the gym, with a better workout environment and an update to the changing rooms. All of this is included in the Roko Nottingham membership price. Please note that the roko gym membership prices referenced above are just a guide and vary dependant on certain criteria, however £40-£50 is pretty representative for a Roko Nottingham membership price.

Roko Nottingham Review Summary:

  • £40 – £50 a month plus a joining fee
  • Lots of gym equipment, range of classes and indoor and outdoor swimming pool
  • Situated in West Bridgford, easily to get too
  • Refurbishment of the gym and members area
  • Normally quiet – ideal for people who just want to get there, quickly do their thing and leave

Our only watch out if you’re considering joining Roko Nottingham, is that the gym does shut early on a Saturday and Sunday; Saturday Roko shuts at 7pm and Sunday 8pm. We must admit, we do find a gym shutting early on the weekend odd as people like to go for a workout to get their pump on before going out on the weekend. If this isn’t far from ideal, they also shut all facilities half an hour before closing, so you have to be out of the gym & spa facilities by 6:30 on a Saturday which we don’t agree with.

The Gym – City Centre, Nottingham

The Gym in Nottingham City Centre has got to be up there as one of our favourite Gyms in Nottingham. It is an ideal gym for people who just want to join a gym and not a health and fitness centre, as they don’t have any swimming pools or sports courts.

The Gym have all the gym equipment you could need for a beginner or frequent gym user so you wouldn’t have to worry about a lack of equipment, plus all the equipment is well maintained and pretty modern.

The best part for us is the price, you can pick up a membership for around £14.99 with no contract. They also often have offers such as no joining fee. The only limiting factor for us would be the location, unless you live in Nottingham’s city centre it can be a bit of a chore as you will have to pay for parking and trek into town to go to the gym.

  • £14.99 per month plus joining fee with no contract
  • Clean and modern gym equipment
  • Ideal for people who live in and around Nottingham city centre
  • Open 24/7
  • 2 floors – lots of room and equipment
The gym nottingham
The Gym, Nottingham | Nottingham Gym Review

Virgin Active – London Road, Nottingham

As we’ve featured Virgin Active on our blog before ( meets ‘The Grid’ at Virgin Active) it will come as no surprise that this is one of our favourite gyms in the city. In our opinion it’s hard to find something that this gym lacks. A spin studio, holistic studio, two further studios, adult and child pools, sauna, steam room, crèche, cafe, huge changing rooms, 4 hours car parking and an extensive class list. We’ve seen Virgin, Nottingham go through a couple of refurbishments within the past few years so you definitely feel like your money is being invested in the latest equipment and classes.
The gym floor is huge and has a wide variety of equipment, there’s also a ladies specific zone which we know is important to many women. The floor staff are friendly and the PT’s are always working their clients hard. However our favourite thing about Virgin has to be the extensive range of classes it offers. Be it spin, body pump or some of the new classes like Zuu and Grid, we feel there’s a class for everyone at every fitness level and with regular class refreshes we certainly have never found ourselves bored.
  • Gym memberships vary and corporate rates are also offered
  • Great for families with a crèche and kids club facility
  • Close to the city centre and train station
  • Full of modern equipment and big enough to never feel over crowded
Virgin Active Nottingham
Virgin Active Nottingham | Gyms in Nottingham

So there you have our favourite gyms in Nottingham; David Lloyd, Roko Nottingham, Virgin Active and ‘The Gym’.

What gym are you a member of? If it’s one of these then leave a comment in the comments section and let us know your personal review and how you got on or if there is another gym that you would recommend.

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