Tips & Techniques For Eating & Drinking With A Beard 

If you are new to wearing a beard, you may have noticed that certain tasks, such as drinking and eating can be quite tricky with a beard at times. Thankfully, the brotherhood of the bearded men is ready to share a few useful tips and ideas on making eating and drinking less of an awkward and messy experience, so that you can enjoy your favourite foods and drinks without fear of getting it all stuck to your beard.

Eating & Drinking With A Beard

Here are some of the tips and techniques which you may find useful for eating and drinking with a beard:

1. Don’t overload your spoon or fork. Pick up small bites or spoonful’s when eating, rather than piling up a load of food on your utensil which will most likely get caught up in the hairs of your beard on the way to your mouth.

The smaller the bite – the less likely it will get stuck in your facial hair.

2. Brush away the hairs of your moustache and beard which are close to your mouth before taking a bite or drink. Use your thumb and forefinger to do this discreetly and with style. Also either trim or moustache or wax it. If you prefer to trim – keep your moustache trimmed to just below the upper lip line.

3. Open wide. Try to roll up your upper lip together with dropping the lower one in order to increase the distance between the hairs of your beard and moustache from your mouth.

4. Have wet towels or facecloths if you are planning on eating an especially messy meal or snack, such as: nachos, chili or soup. This is a much more effective way of cleaning up your beard and face rather than using dry napkins, plus you don’t risk getting pieces of the paper napkins stuck on your beard too. Unscented baby wipes are also perfect for the task.

5. Rotate. When eating large pieces of food, such as a sandwich or hamburger, rotate the food and open your mouth wider than you normally would.

6. Do not apply beard oil or wax on the parts near your mouth before a meal. This will make the hair less sticky and thus reduce the risk of getting food particles stuck on it.

7. Use a straw or drink from the bottle. For making drinking water or other beverages easier and less messy, try drinking directly from the bottle or use a straw whenever it is possible. Travel mugs or moustache cups which filter the drink to a narrow opening are also excellent options for men with beards. Drink for the bottom lip in order to keep the liquid away from the beard.

8. Always clean your facial hair after a meal or drink with that damp facial towel or handkerchief. This will get any residues off of the hair and will ensure that your beard and moustache and nice and pristine at all times.

9. When eating Asian foods, opt for the chopsticks. They will ensure that you pick up and eat only small portions of your favourite Asian meals at a time. This will reduce the risk of getting the food in your facial hair.

10. Although it may sound illogical, a longer moustache or beard is actually easier to manage than shorter ones, because you can easily brush it off away from the mouth

11. The slower and more properly you eat, the less likely it will be that you mess up your prided beard and moustache. So, take the time to savour and enjoy every bite.

12. If you are eating toast, cut it in half and stick the other half on top like a lid, to keep the beard and moustache from getting messed up with the cheese and eggs on your toast.

13. For eating pizza, fold it in half, lengthwise, or use a fork and knife.

14. When enjoying a hot dog, make sure to put the mustard or other condiments inside the bun rather than on top of it. This will make much easier if you have a beard or moustache.

15. Eat ice cream and yogurt with a small spoon rather than licking it off a cone. This will save your facial hair from the sticky mess which can occur otherwise.

16. Soup should be eaten with extra care. Do not fill up your spoon fully and pour the spoonful over your lowered lower lip or place it inside your mouth completely in order to avoid spills on your beard.