Thicken Your Beard With These Natural Ingredients You’ll Find At Home

There has been a pleasant spate over the past few years of beards rising in popularity; great news for those that are balding on the top, not so great for those that struggle to raise fluff from their chins.

Having said that, there are more than a few frustrated men out there who would love nothing more than a grizzled mountain beard, but can’t seem to get their beard past the point of patchy stubble. But that shouldn’t be a reason to give up growing a beard and to pick up the razor; you would be surprised at the range of moisturizing oils out there which work wonders at thickening your beard, making it grow faster, and ensuring that it is more comfortable to wear – helping to ditch the itch altogether.

If you haven’t yet invested in a quality beard oil for your wiry whiskers, and are wondering whether you already have something substantial in the cupboard at home then have a look at some of these popular choices below:

Active Ingredients In Most Beard Oils

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been hailed as a miracle solution for improving the condition of just about any part of your body. You can drink it in small doses to improve your digestive system, it is the perfect moisturizer and natural sunblock (since it is naturally SPF 4), and of course, it is great for hair, whether on your head or your face.


Perfectly Pure Extra Virgin Pure Coconut Oil 453g

Coconut oil penetrates your skin more effectively than most other oils, and is far less greasy than other oils as well. This makes it get to the route of your hair follicles faster to condition and strengthen the hair, and even leaves you feeling refreshed with a slight, pleasant aroma of coconut.

Gooseberry Oil

Gooseberry oil, which is commonly known as Amla oil, is another excellent choice for a conditioning beard oil. Its natural conditioning properties penetrate the skin and get to the roots of your beard hair, improving hair growth speed, thickness and overall color.

Most commercial beard oils make use of Amla oil as their active ingredient for these reasons, often with a mixture of Jojoba oil, both of which are often found in hair products like shampoos and conditioners, but when brought down to an oily paste, becomes perfect for applying to your (nearly) rugged face.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a miraculous substance drawn from the seed of the Simmondsia chinensis plant which is native to Arizona and northwest Mexico. The beard conditioning oil goes a long way in removing dead skin flakes from beneath your beard which may clog your pores and stifle the hair’s growth.

The oil also prevents the strands of hair in your beard from drying up and becoming frail. Frail hair can make maintaining a beard difficult as it so easy to accident damage the hairs further. Like Amla oil, Jojoba oil is often found in most hair products and commercial beard oils because of their revitalising properties.

Since these three oils are those that are most popular and most effective when found in commercial products, having them around your house will make taking care of your beard and encouraging thick, vibrant growth all that bit easier.

If, however, you would rather invest in an oil that makes use of all the oil, then we’ll cover later in the post how to pick a product that is right for you.

Avocado Oil

Avocados don’t just make for amazing sandwiches and salads, but are stocked full of natural oils and vitamins which are perfectly absorbed into hair and skin. The thing about avocado oil, is that it is a bit more of a repairer than a maintenance solution.


Miaroma Avocado Oil

If your beard is patchy due to a poor diet, vitamin deficiencies, or has just been beaten down by a harsh climate and dry skin, then avocado oil remedies are perfect for enriching your man-main.

Making sure your Oil is worth its Salt

Generally speaking, at least one or more of these active oils should be present in your beard thickening remedy (often with an assortment of perfumes and extracts to complete the product).

A good rule of thumb is to remember that those ingredients which are listed first on the label, are those that make up the most part of the mixture, and so you want to see any combination of the above oils in at least the top three listed ingredients on the bottle. If they are not there, or are foot-noted in fine print at the bottom of the list, then keep moving.

Application: How & When To Apply Beard Oils

Making the most out of your selected oil requires you to take your maintenance schedule seriously. Start by applying a dime sized dollop of oil to your hands and begin rubbing it in your beard every morning after you shower.

Be sure to use your oil in conjunction with a beard comb or brush that will make it easy to spread the oil evenly along the hair while helping to remove dead skin cells which may hamper the growth of your beard.

Reapply later on in the day depending on your needs. If you are active, have taken a midday shower, or start feeling like your beard is getting dryer and heavier throughout the day, you may need to put in a little extra effort.

It is a good idea to apply beard oil shortly before going to bed (after your evening shower) to let it soak in and do its work while you sleep.

In Conclusion

Growing a beard is a fairly simple process, all you really need to do is not shave for a while, right? Wrong. Sure, you may be proud of your Savannah-dry man bristles which stick out everywhere and could break with a stiff wind, or your patchy stubble-land of half-baked ruggedness, but with a little care and scheduled grooming, you can transform your baron upper lip and thinned out sensei goatee into a thriving bush of man-pride in no time.

Author: Mark Greene is a lifestyle professional writer and digital nomad with a keen interest in men’s mental and physical health, life hacks, grooming, men’s fashion, sex, dating, success, career and overall day-to-day solutions for men. The world, according to him, is what you make of it. So go out there and make it amazing.

Image credit – featured image features Christopher John Millington, one of the most famous, thickest beards around.



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