The Modern Man’s Essential Guide To Wardrobe Wins

When it comes to fashion, you don’t want to be the victim of a wardrobe malfunction or fashion faux pas. But getting it right is never easy. After all, we all have an idea of what we like in fashion. So why does it rarely look as good as the model when we’re wearing it?

Don’t panic. There is a faux pas-free way to shop for new wardrobe items. And we’ll let you in on the secrets of avoiding a fashion fail this season.

The stores are full of great looks this season. Without a doubt, you have your eye on one or two styles that you’re crushing on right now. Before you buy anything always try it on and ask a friend to check you out in it first. A lot of shorter length tops and shirts have been on the rails recently. But if you’re long in the body and short in the legs, it can look awful. Check out your shape before you start, and work out the lengths and cuts that suit it.

Always wear your underwear. And make sure it is the good stuff. Whether anyone is going to get to see you in it or not, wear quality pants that won’t leave unpleasant feelings or shapes in your trousers. Check out Jockey mens underwear for the latest styles that will suit your delicate areas. Your stuff is important so look after it with something supportive and breathable. Get something that looks good too, and your swagger will be full of confidence.


If you’re shopping for trousers this season, then there are a couple of styles you need in your wardrobe. For a start, everyone needs a good pair of jeans. There are several different cuts to choose from. Pick something that is comfortable to wear and that flatters your upper legs and buttocks. What happens below the knee isn’t nearly as important. However, the leg cuff will determine the type of footwear you will need to choose.

Shirts and tops are all quite short in length still. Many are fitted. If you’re looking for something longer, you can look to logo and slogan tees. Sweaters and hoodies will also give you the extra length you might be looking for. When it comes to something smarter, try a shirt that is a size larger than you usually go for. Check it looks right in the shoulders and across the back. It can be a good way to get the length you want.

Accessories are crucial this season. In particular, fashionable tech wear is becoming really popular. Keep jewellery to a minimum, but pick one or two high-end pieces to bring a touch of class to your outfit. Hats are still looking really good on guys too. Finally, finish your outfit off with a great scarf, if the weather permits.

Men’s fashion doesn’t need to be hit and miss. But you need to accept that some of those gorgeous fashion pieces just aren’t going to work on you. Try a little of everything to find the style that suits.