Size Doesn’t Matter! 3 Manly Small Cars That Pack A Punch

For many men, the thought of a small car is completely out of the question. It just doesn’t seem masculine, who wants to drive around in a dainty little car? Well, what if I told you that some small cars can pack a serious punch? It’s true, and I have three examples right here:


Mini Cooper S

Many of you may see Mini Coopers as a typical hairdressers car. They can appear quite feminine, and there’s nothing on the surface to get your adrenaline pumping. That’s because you’re looking at the bog standard Mini Cooper model. Instead, turn your attention to the Mini Cooper S. This model feels like someone took the standard car, and dipped it in a bucket of awesomeness. There’s a twin turbocharged engine that packs a serious punch. Combine this with the lightness of the vehicle, and you have a small car that gets up to speed very very quickly! It looks a little different to a regular Mini too, there are subtle changes that make it more sporty. Including twin exhausts at the back, that adds to the sports car image. It’s the type of car you can innocently sit in at a set of traffic lights while some clown pulls up next to you in their Vauxhall Corsa. They take one look at your Mini and laugh. Then, the lights change, and you leave them in your dust as the engine screams with power.


Abarth 595 Competizione

If you glanced at an Abarth 595 Competizione, then you may mistake it for a dainty Fiat 500. Essentially, the 595 is a pimped up, more masculine, version of the popular Fiat. Though they may appear similar, these are two completely different cars. There are other variants of the 595, including a standard version and Turismo. But, the Competizione is the best of the bunch. Why? Because its engine roars like a lion announcing its dominance. It has a supercharged engine that gives you close to 200bhp. Now, in a small car like this, that 200bhp can feel like double the power. Combine that with the sound of the engine, and this car will have you beating your chest like King Kong. The great thing is, it’s affordable too. Loads of place like Thames Motor Group sell them brand new or used. Either way, you’re getting a fast car for a small price.


Ford Fiesta ST

While it may be slightly bigger than the previous two cars, the Ford Fiesta ST is still a small vehicle. And, it packs a serious punch. I’m talking a clean haymaker to the jaw kind of punch! It’s an upgraded and sportier version of the popular Ford Fiesta car. The main selling point with this version is the sheer speed and power it brings to the table. Much like the Abarth, the Fiesta is rocking a supercharged engine with close to 200bhp. This car delivers lots of thrills, without any spills. The car can handle all of the power the engine delivers. You get that spine-tingling thrill when you put your foot down, and it lurches forward. But, there’s never any fear that you’ll lose control of the car. It’s so well designed and responds to everything you do.

The next time you go car shopping, don’t roll your eyes at the small cars out there. Who knows, they may be small in size, but a beast on the inside.

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