Seven Steps To Slot Machine Success

Slot machine games are designed to delight players, and they do so with aplomb. To the uninitiated, a slot machine may appear to be nothing more than a combination of spinning reels, rows and pay-lines. Casinos routinely deem these games of chance, but is there more to slot machine games than meets the eye?

True to form, there isn’t anything a player can do to influence the outcome of the game once the reels have started spinning. However, all the skill, strategy, and slots selection that can result in winning outcomes takes place before the spin button is depressed. This begs the question: Is there a skill element to slot machines?

The answer is not clear-cut, but there are certainly many things that slots players can do to improve their chances of success when playing these spinning reel wonders. We’re going to take you on a fantastic Vegas-style journey through the world of slots and introduce you to 7 steps that you can take to improve your chances of success with these fun-filled casino games.

Seven Steps to Slot Machine Success:

#1 – Choose Your Slots Game Wisely

Is there a way to choose one slot game over another, thereby increasing your chances of success? Indubitably! Slot games are games of chance, but not every game of chance has the same house edge or return to player percentage. If possible, you will want to do your homework and research RTPs of slot machine games. For example, a slot game with a 98% RTP is preferable to a slot game with an 88% RTP. The lower the house edge, the better your chances of breaking even, or winning.

#2 – Classic Slots, Video Slots, or Progressive Jackpot Slots?

Careful selection of your chosen slot game is equally important when you’re choosing slots categories. Classic slots or pub fruity slots typically feature 3 spinning reels, and a limited number of paylines. They do not usually have any animation, bonus rounds, expanding wilds, scatters, or other elements. While classic slots are lower paying slot machine games than the progressive jackpot slots, the rate at which they pay out is not too shabby.

Video slots and progressive jackpot slots fall into similar categories. These technological wunderkinds usually have at least 5 spinning reels and several dozen paylines. If you going to be playing video slots, try to pick a video slot game with a theme that you enjoy, and an RTP that is favourable to you. Progressive jackpot slots by contrast are incredibly popular, but they also sport the largest number of players across multiple casinos. This means that the huge player base must be factored into the equation when you’re thinking about your chances of winning. The size of progressive jackpots is the reason so many people flock to these games.

#3 – Set a Slots Budget and Don’t Detract from It

Nobody wants to be told to set a budget when they’re having fun, but with gambling-style games you simply have to. Whether you’re spending $20 on slots, or $200 on slots, set an allocation and stick to it. A budget allows you to manage your slots gaming sessions more effectively. If you simply go in with a blank check, or a credit card, you’ll soon find yourself borrowing more money than you feel comfortable with. A budget serves many purposes in gambling, including allocation of funds to set gaming sessions. For example, if you have $200 and you want to play slots over 4 sessions, allocate $50 per session and stick to it. Win or lose, that’s your slots budget.

#4 – Practice Slots in a Demo play Mode before You Play for Real

Once you have examined all the different types of slots games and categories that are available, you’ll want to try out a couple of slots before you deposit your money at the casino. Fortunately, many online casinos like WinkSlots offer players demo-play mode. This is a fantastic way to determine whether you like the slot game before you put money into the machine. Besides, demo play gives you an opportunity to study up on the pay table, winning combinations, features and bonus rounds. If you like what you’re seeing in demo mode, you can easily register at the casino and play slots for real money.

#5 – Never Chase Your Losses

You’ve probably heard the expression never chase your losses in the casino. It’s true. If you’re on a losing streak, and you’re about to exceed your budget, walk away and live to play another day. The jackpots may or may not be yours for the taking. The whole point of playing slot games is to have fun. Winning is a bonus. Learn when to walk away and do so knowing that you had fun playing slots.

#6 – Be Sure to Claim Your Generous Welcome Bonus Package

If you are visiting a Las Vegas casino, you won’t get a matching deposit bonus like you would at an online casino, but you may get various perks such as a $20 voucher to play slots, etc. At an online casino, you’re in the pound seats because all registered players are entitled to a promotional offer. Use this free cash to play online slot games with. Once you’ve met the wagering terms and conditions (typically 30 X the bonus), you’re free to cash out your winnings.

#7 – Play Slots at a Regulated Online Casino

When it comes to credibility, nothing compares to fully licensed and regulated online casinos. Offshore operators that are providing their services to players without the requisite licensing and regulation should be avoided. For starters, your money may not be safe, and there is no way to independently verify that the RNGs are accurate. When you play at a regulated online casino, you can enjoy peace of mind.

And there you have it folks! 7 ways to help you enhance your slot machine success.

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