Quick Guide To Dressing Casual

There can sometimes be a fine line between adopting a casual appearance, and looking slightly scruffy. After all, you still want to look stylish, just with minimal effort!

Casual dressing is probably the most popular and versatile type of outfit, great for everyday wear including most social events and weekend plans. The basis of your wardrobe, it’s likely that casual wear is your go-to choice for most occasions.

Translating to style with comfort, a casual dress code has come to mean a streetwear style, not necessarily specific to a season. So, to get it right and make sure you have all the staples you need, here is your guide to casual dressing for men.

Top Half

When it comes to building a casual wardrobe, t-shirts are a must. They can form the foundation of nearly every outfit, so having a decent t-shirt collection is a great start. Choose a classic crew neck with short sleeves, and experiment with both plain and patterned choices. A stripe t-shirt can work for multiple purposes, as well as simple logo t-shirts. Add a few seasonal pieces such a floral patterned t-shirt or ombre design to reflect your style.

To take it up a notch, as well as to add some variation, polo shirts are a great style to invest in. As versatile as a t-shirt, the collar can smarten up your appearance that little bit more.

Casual dressing often includes layering to match the occasion or even weather. Men’s casual jackets are another staple that allow you to create a full ensemble; from classic leather jackets to bomber jackets, embrace the elements and look stylish while doing so. Keep it to a simple colour such as black, navy or grey to make sure it goes with the majority of your wardrobe.

Bottom Half

When it comes to your trousers, under a casual dress code your number one choice should always be a pair of blue or black jeans. They are an essential for a guy’s wardrobe. If you want to change it up a bit, or want a couple of options, include a pair of black jeans in your wardrobe too as they can be great for evenings.

Depending on your personal taste, ripped or distressed jeans can be great for dressing down an outfit and giving that edge when needed.

For summer occasions or for when you need to err on the side of smart, have a pair of neutral coloured chinos to hand. They can be easily worn with a t-shirt or polo shirt for a light, casual look.


Footwear can bring an outfit together perfectly and often sets the tone for how smart or casual you are. After all, if you’re wearing jeans with leather brogues or Oxford shoes, you’re probably aiming for a smarter appearance.

For a casual, everyday look, opt for trainers. It helps to have a collection of two or three pairs in colours like grey, white or black so that you have a pair that suits every outfit. Depending on the occasion, you could even include a pair of Chelsea boots in your wardrobe to upgrade your look.