Quick And Easy Fashion Tips For The Stylish Man

Women often think that the other half have it easier when it comes to fashion, but men know better. Okay, men might not have to spend as much time getting ready, but it doesn’t mean that we get out of the shower looking our best. We have to put in as much effort as the ladies to make sure we make an impression, and that is difficult. Some men just don’t have the fashion sense they need to look their best, plus men’s fashion is incredibly complex.

Don’t fear, though, because all you need is to read the tips below to make it easier.

Keep It Simple

Overcomplicating the process is the biggest mistake men make with regards to fashion. Yes, if you read GQ and other fashion publications it does seem complex. However, those publications are for the intermediates and experts, not the beginners. For the novices, it is important to do the basics well for maximum results. Two tips to keep in mind: don’t wear too much jewellery and don’t wear more than three colours.

The Fit Is Essential

What is your body type? The answer to that question should determine the style of clothes you buy. If you have an athletic body type, well-fitted clothes will enhance your look. Basically, you are showing off your most impressive body parts, such as your strong shoulders or defined pectorals. But, if you are not keen to show off your body, a looser fit is a good idea. A baggy t-shirt will hide your most intimate flaws, yet it will still look the part.


Once you have the perfect look, you want to take it to the next level. Most men do not bother with accessorizing because they see it as too much hassle. Also, although most men won’t admit it, they don’t understand accessories. Accessories are simple as you just need to remember to keep it to a minimum and to match them with your outfit. For example, a bracelet for men would work well with a nice watch and maybe even a thumb ring.

Casual Doesn’t Have To Be Casual

If you see casual as a pair of sweatpants and sneakers, you are not thinking outside of the box. Casual can mean pretty much anything that is not formal. At the minute, casual shirts are the en vogue as they go well with almost anything from jeans to a pair of nice sneakers. Just remember that if you struggle for comfort, it is not casual.


Buy A Quality Pair Of Shoes

You may not realize it, but women notice your feet. In fact, for some women it is the first thing they look for in a man. Aside from making a good first impression, shoes or boots are very flexible. You can wear them to a formal function with a suit, or you can wear them with a jacket and a pair of jeans. Shoes elevate decent outfits into great ones.

Ask For Help

Your girlfriend will love to help you if you are not sure, but you have to ask. If you want to take your fashion seriously, never go shopping alone until you feel comfortable.