Poker Face With A Beard – The Best Poker Players With Beards

The famous beard trend is leaving its mark on the poker community, and it is clear for all to see. Although not all beards are equal, a look at the cross section of players at the annual World Series of Poker (WSOP) since the facial hair trend invaded tells us one thing: you do not have to wait until ‘’no shave November’’ to have a poker face with a beard. We take a look at poker players that are known for the game as well as their beards, and in no particular order, present you with a list that is by no means exhaustive: 

Barry Greenstein

Barry Greenstein is a professional poker player who is well known for his achievements in the game, and his seminal work titled ‘Ace on the River.’ Popular for donating proceeds of his poker tournament winnings to charity, it is not out of place to consider him the ‘’Robin Hood’’ of the game. Then, of course, there is his beard, which contributes to why he is referred to as ‘’Bear’’ at tables.

Bryan Devonshire

When you add a successful poker career to facial hair, you get a poker face with a beard that is Devonshire. Although he left the Vegas lifestyle for the rugged outdoors of Colorado, he still landed a spot on the list.


Chris Ferguson

Whether your interest lies in online video poker for money or you have been following events in the real-life poker world, Chris Ferguson is a name that is impossible to forget, even though he is no longer active on the scene. He was the 2000 WSOP Main Event Champion and, thanks to his remarkable beard, was nicknamed ‘’Jesus.’’ Talk about a fine blend of poker and facial fur! Just like paypal casinos, he also made his mark on the online poker scene, making him one public persona in the game that we love to love.


Daniel Negreanu

Regarded by some as one of the most well-known players in the game, when it comes to hair, Daniel Negreanu seems to have a love-hate relationship. He decided to undergo laser hair removal at some point, although his cropped beard has always been a constant part of his appearance.


Dan Bilzerian

It is really all about the beards, and a sprinkling of poker. You do not have to be a poker guru or a professional player at paypal casinos to make it to this list. To qualify as a poker face with a beard, you could just be a regular player who plays for really high stakes, as Dan Bilzerian, also known as the king of Instagram, demonstrates. There is no chance that you’d miss his thick beards.

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