How To Pick The Right Trimmer For The Perfect Beard


If you want to always maintain your beard in perfect shape and size, finding the necessary tools can be harder than you think.

There are many different manufacturers and brands of beard trimmers, each differentiates their products in their own way. Identifying the best brands of beard trimmers can help you narrow down your options. The prices of these products don’t always reflect their quality; lots of other factors influence the cost of a beard trimmer.

This article will cover some of the main factors you should consider when shopping for trimmers for the perfect beard.

1. Read Reviews From Other Users

One way of choosing a beard trimmer is by reading the reviews left by other users. Of course, not all reviews on the internet are genuine. Yet, if many people seem to agree on one thing, there is a good chance that it is honest. A complete review describes the product, how its batteries work and what issues may develop as time passes. For more reviews of beard trimming products, you can check ShavingSolution.

There are other ways to tell how genuine a bread trimmer review is. If a reviewer uses first-person pronouns a lot, they are likely to be fake. Also, you should examine the depth of the user’s description. Fake reviews are more likely to have vague details since it is hard to describe something you have never used.

Reviews should guide you on the models to consider and research on. They should not conclusively direct you to a specific trimmer, unless you’re studying one.

2. Is It Suitable For Your Needs?

Beard trimmers are mainly classified into corded and cordless. The main difference between these two is the presence of a rechargeable battery. Cordless trimmers are simply charged and can be used without being plugged in. This makes them ideal for travel. Corded devices must be plugged into an outlet when in use since they don’t have a battery.

Another key difference between these two is the amount of power they contain. Usually, corded trimmers have more power and are ideal for people with thicker hair. For most people, the amount of power supplied is not really an issue since cordless trimmers can comfortably handle the beard. If you intend to use your trimmer for general shaving purposes, you will be better off with a cordless device since you might need to use it in the bathroom.

You will find that the majority of beard trimmers on the market are now cordless. As technology advances, you can now get similar levels of power from a cordless beard trimmer as you can from a corded trimmer. Cordless beard trimmers are perfect for those who workout in the mornings before work, as you can keep the beard trimmer in your wash bag and trim your beard on the go.

If you choose to buy a cordless beard trimmer, make sure it has a long-lasting battery.

3. Check The Build Quality

The quality of beard trimmers is often neglected. This is because people usually associate price with the strength of the material the product is made of. With these products, however, price can be determined by the settings available and other features. The same product might be made of weak materials, meaning it will break down in a very short period. It is a clever idea to avoid trimmers with plastic parts.

The best materials for beard trimmers are titanium, carbon steel, stainless steel, and chromium. Carbon steel is one of the sharpest materials, but it rusts easily. If you intend to use your shaver in the bathroom, carbon steel products would be a very poor option.

Stainless steel is a high-quality material that is resistant to rust. It can comfortably be used with thick hair. Ceramic blades are also durable, although they do not usually withstand rough usage.

However, the best material for beard trimmers is titanium-coated carbon steel. This material is resistant to weathering, rust and is generally highly durable.

Therefore, if you’re looking for a long lasting, durable beard trimmer then look for titanium-coated carbon steel. Whilst this may mean a larger price tag to begin with, you will get a return on your investment in the long term.

4. Check Your Ideal Beard Length

Beard trimmers are not made equal. The product you choose should be able to trim your beard to your ideal length. This information can be obtained from the length settings of the device.

Many beard trimmers come with an adjustable cut length setting, like the Philips Beard Trimmer 7000 that we’ve reviewed previously. An adjustable cut length means that you can completely cut off stray hairs on your cheekbones and neck, whilst trimming your beard to your desired length – it is multifunctional.

5. Maintenance

Keeping your beard trimmer clean can be a hassle. To reduce your work, many devices are designed to be washable. With such trimmers, you can easily get rid of the trapped hairs. Some manufacturers have also come up with self-sharpening blades for their beard trimmers.

Maintenance is mainly a key factor to people who intend to use their beard trimmers frequently. If you want to grow your beard and need a trimmer to keep it neat, maintenance may not be such a crucial task. This is because you will only be using the device occasionally.

6. The Necessary Styling Features

Regular trimmers are usually meant for people who want to shave their beards traditionally. If you want to maintain your beard in a certain style, check whether your chosen device has the necessary styling features. Trimmers meant for certain styles need to have easily detachable heads.


Shopping for the right beard trimmer is not one of the easiest jobs. You will have to sift through many various products and settle for one. You can use recommendations or reviews and ratings from other users to shorten the list of available options. Also, you should choose between corded and cordless beard trimmers based on the amount of power you need and the mobility you want. The quality of the beard trimmer is also important.

You should examine the strength of the materials used to make the body and the blades of the trimmer. It is also important to get a trimmer that can work with your shaving style and the length of your beard. The product should also be easy to maintain, especially if you intend to use it frequently. These tips should help you choose an ideal trimmer for the perfect beard.