How Often Should You Change Your Razor Blade?

With the ever changing male grooming trends, it can be hard to keep up. Not only can it be hard to keep up, it can be expensive too. Shaving can be a pretty expensive, therefore, knowing how often should you change razor blades can be a great piece of information to hold.

Right now the beard is booming. We’re fairly confident that the beard trend isn’t showing any sign of moving any time soon. It’s a common misconception that growing a beard simply means sitting back and letting it grow. However, most bearded gents aren’t inexperienced when it comes to shaving as most beards require some degree of edging and shaving.

Even if you’re clean shaven or have a beard, it’s important to know what you’re doing when it comes to your razor and blades. What’s more, how often you should change your razor blades.

One of the most important factors to determine how often to change your razor blade is frequency. That being the frequency that you shave your face. The more you shave, the blunter your blades get.

When being clean shaven was a requirement for work and not just a fashion statement, guys were shaving daily, meaning that blade heads were changed regularly. Guys were more comfortable with shaving and knew exactly what to look out for and how to master the art of shaving. However, now that beards and designer stubble are the latest trend, shaving knowledge is being lost. Razor blade heads are being changed less frequently with longer gaps between shaves. So, as no one wants to shave with a blunt blade, how often should you change razor blades?

How Many Shaves Will My Razor Last For?

The majority of razor blades on the market right now are designed to last anywhere from 5 to 10 shaves. Obviously this is very generic and the factors that this include hair type and thickness, plus the type of shaving foam/gel that you use. Gillette, the market leading razor and blade brand, advise to change your razor after every 5 to 8 shaves.

If you’re on your 8th shave with the same razor, then we recommend it’s time to consider changing it for a new one.

How Do Razor Blades Become Blunt?

Believe it or not, human hair is quite a strong structure. Our hair is made from the same substance as our finger and toenails, keratin. The sole purpose of our finger nails is to protect our fingers from stress and impact. People have also been known to pull cars with their hair, illustrating just how strong our hair can be.

Every time our razor blades come into contact with hair follicles, the edge of the blades become duller and duller. When a blade becomes duller, it’s ability to cut in the future reduces. As the blades blunt, the blades start to pull the hairs instead of cutting the hair, causing skin sensitivity.

The only outcome of shaving with a blunt blade is a red, irritated and scratchy face – not a good look for anybody.

How Do I Make My Razor Last Longer?

We get it, everyone is stuck for cash with bills and property prices increasing dramatically. As a result, people are cutting back on their health and beauty spend, razors included. Therefore, it’s only right to try and make your blades last longer. Razor blades expensive after all!

When shaving, hairs aren’t the only thing that get cut, the blades can also skim over the top layer of skin, helping to exfoliate the skin. As a result, the razor head can end up clogged with hair, soap and skin. There are some simply steps you can make to ensure that the razor head is left ready for the next shave:

  1. Rinse the razor head thoroughly with hot water after every shave
  2. Wash your face prior to shaving to remove as many dead skin cells as possible
  3. Don’t use any fabric such as a towel or cloth to remove hairs stuck in the razor head
  4. Don’t be tempted to use the same razor to shave your body. Body hair tends to be thicker that facial hair. There is also a hygiene factor to remember, so always use different razors

It’s important to always shave with a sharp razor blade – never compromise on this. When you notice your razor starting to tug on the hairs, consider changing it for a new one. Also, consider some of the above tips to make your razor blades last longer.