What You Need To Make That Prosopal Impossible To Say No To

It’s the big question. The one that you’ve probably been building up to for a long time now. It will have a profound effect on the rest of your life. That is, of course, assuming she says yes. But how do you make sure she will? How do you go ahead and propose to make it as perfect as she could want, to make it the moment she dreamed of? How can you make ‘yes’ the obvious answer and the other alternative not even worth thinking about? Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways you do that.

The approval

It’s a big step, but making a great impression on the proposal comes way beforehand. Get her family involved. Be respectful and ask her father for her hand if you can. Getting the family involved on the proposal can make her all the more excited for it when it actually happens. It will also make for one of the more memorable parties you two share. Building those bonds with her family are going to be an important part of the marriage too.

The look

When you do it, you want to sell yourself in the best possible light. It’s not terribly romantic to propose when you’ve got a little bit out of shape and are your sweats and t-shirt. No, make yourself the man of the occasion. Work-out in the build-up. Wherever you plan on doing it, dress as well as the situation allows. Even take care of your beard. Sell the best you, the one she’ll want for the rest of her life.

The location

Where you do it is just as important as how you do it. There are a few of the really traditional routes that can get a woman in just the right lovey mood for a proposal. Paris and New York are some of the better ideas for a holiday location if you plan on it. An adventurous road trip is another way of finding somewhere spontaneous and spectacular to pop the question. Just try put some significant thought behind where you do it.

The date

How you do it is important, too, of course. You don’t necessarily have to wait until the end of a date. Keeping an opal engagement ring your pocket that whole time can be a pretty nerve wracking experience. Don’t be afraid to pop the question when it feels right, even if it’s not the planned time. Catching her off guard could just give her the endorphin rush to say those words she’s always wanted to.

The relationship

Of course, this article isn’t really working on the assumption that her saying ‘no’ is a real possibility. You should be proposing to the woman who’s going to say yes already because of your relationship. Make sure she is a keeper in all the ways important to you. Make sure you’re also in a position to add value to her life with the marriage. The relationship comes before the marriage. Proposing isn’t a way to make a relationship better, but to lock in an already fantastic relationship.