Marking Your Territory, How To Create Your Own Style

With fashion being such a subjective issue at the moment, particularly male fashion, it’s hard to define yourself without being instantly slammed into a category. The subcultures that are trending right now are such a mixed variety that you’d be forgiven for assuming yourself to be in your own little section just to avoid the conversation surrounding it all. Anybody sporting a beard is a hipster, if you’ve got an earring you’re a punk – you get the drift.

So it’s time to start putting your own label on yourself and creating your signature. Not just with a paper and pen – your signature can be put to anything to do with your look, making people see, smell or hear something and instantly think of you. Sounds good? Read on…

Signature Scent

Every guy needs his own signature scent. Fragrances smell differently on different people, so don’t assume that you’ll be smelling the exactly the same as somebody who has given you a recommendation on a good scent to wear. Go to a store such as thefragranceshop and have a play around with different aftershaves – remember to spray at different points up your arm to avoid them crossing over and mixing. Wearing them on your skin is a good indication to how the scent will develop on you over time, which is way better than relying on tester cards.

Signature Brand

Whereas some men stick to dressing in certain types of clothing, others stick to recognisable brands. Clothing companies such as Hype and Barbour are (very different, that’s a given) instantly recognisable when spotted either due to the badge or the print on them. Stick with either/or – if you stick to a certain type of clothing such as, for example, tweed suit jackets but a company has only produced two or makes them seasonally, you’re going to be a bit stumped in the future trying to assign this look to your identity.

Signature Features

Hair is the most obvious thing that can be changed and worked with on your body, with tattoos being a close second. If you want to be known for something wacky or out-there, there is a lot that can be done with that stuff growing out of your head – from colour change to prints being shaven in, the world is your oyster. Tattoos can serve as another point of attraction to when people are trying to remember you; just remember to make sure you’re certain of what you want, as it’s not exactly something you can rub off when you’re bored of it.

Signature Words

For many, it won’t be your looks that they’ll be remembering you by, but your personality. If you talk down on people, are rude or act bigoted, this will be the first thing that people will say of you ahead of anything to do with your style – remember that bad news will always travel faster than good. Make sure that you are careful with your words and use them in a way that will express the kindness and warmth in your personality rather than anything that may be lurking underneath, whether you know it or not.

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