Male Grooming On A Budget

It’s official, the average British man now cares more about their appearance than women. New research has revealed that men in the UK spend 43% more on fashion, and males are also spending more than their female counterparts on grooming products. It’s clear that today’s men want to look and feel good, but with credit card spending on the rise again what’s the best way to stay well-groomed without descending into debt?

Set A Monthly Budget

Personal care is important, it makes you feel polished, well presented and ready to take on the day.  But there’s no point spending time and money on the way you look, only to send your finances spiraling out of control. Financial difficulties are a leading cause of stress – a surefire way to undo all the good work you’ve done on polishing your appearance. According to, the first step in managing finances is to review and consolidate your monthly spend. With regards to grooming, work out what you currently spend on personal care per month. If it’s over budget in proportion to income, then set a realistic target for monthly grooming spend and find some ways to cut back.

Do It Yourself

The perfect Turkish shave, an immaculately groomed beard or hair cut that leaves you with no hair out of place.  Visiting the professionals can certainly make you feel well turned out, but it’s also expensive and unnecessary given that self-grooming is easy when you’re armed with knowledge about the right products and proper techniques to follow. Try reading up on how to groom and shave online or even watch tutorials.  And don’t be afraid quiz your barber for tips on how to care for your hair and facial hair at home.

Get The Right Kit

When it comes to shaving or beard care an initial investment in the right tools for the job is worthwhile and needn’t break the bank.  For a full and flawless beard you’ll need a comb, clippers, scissors and beard oil. If you prefer to be clean shaven, many men are returning to wet shaving for a closer, more ‘professional’ finish.  The good news is that wet shaving is cheaper too! Some must-haves include a shaving brush, good quality razor with sharp blades and moisturiser. A smart way to ensure you never have a blunt razor and to easily keep track of your monthly spend is to sign up for a razor subscription service. And remember, your kit doesn’t have to be top of the range or full of designer brands, there are some great high street alternatives that come highly recommended.

Personal care is moving up the priority list for modern British men but with a few ‘cut backs’ and easy swaps, male grooming can be easy and affordable.