Make Your Home Office As Cool As You

If you have a home office, then you should know how fortunate you are. Some of us can only dream of having such a luxury, and find ourselves trudging to work in the mornings knowing that we are going to spend the rest of the day in a dreary, bland, faceless office space surrounded by a constant buzz of conversation when all we want to do is get there, do our day’s work, head home, and chill out. Whether you have a home office space because you own your own business or the company you work for are so liberal and laid back that they encouraged you to work from home in the first place, a home office is a really cool thing to have and you should not neglect it or allow it to become anything other than a dedicated space where you can work.

With home offices, it is common that a lot of people set these up in spare rooms. Of course, this is a good idea as you will be utilising a space in your home which was not used before. However, when setting up a home office it is important to allow it to reflect your character and that you do not set it up to be bland and simply an office space. You will want your office to characterise you, and you will also want it to fit in with the feel of your home so that you do not feel as if you are working in a space which is alien to you.

To get the atmosphere just right, you could think about painting the walls a different colour. Bright colours may be a good choice as it could reflect your sunny personality and will make the room look unique. Think yellows, blues, reds and maybe even green. You could invest in dimmer switches or you could situate lamps around the room so that the lighting sets off a laidback feel and there will not be a constant glare from the overhead lights. You could invest in quirky and unique prints from your favourite illustrators or designers and place them around the room so that the room looks bigger. For those times when clients come to your home for a meeting, you could also invest in some whiskies and expensive looking tumblers so that your office space gives off a refined and even vintage kind of feel.

With the furniture, it could be a good idea to research at what sort of furniture would suit your office space. A good choice is always the contemporary feel, with a shiny wooden desk and fashionable chairs. You really want to get the feel of your office space just right so you should invest in it properly and let the room become as much a part of you as your work is.

With an office space that does not reflect your character, you could be missing out on the opportunity to make an impression and show everyone just how cool you are.

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