Lift Yourself With Effortless Classic Style

Everyone knows that guys like their gadgets. And as high tech as it gets, your smartphone is just that. It may do all sorts of amazing things, but it’s not going to draw the eye. It’s not going to complement any look or statement you want to make.

Classic accessories on the other hand exude style and class. They draw the eye and make a real statement about the wearer. They also help you stand out from the crowd and even make you feel that little bit more classy. Here’s how to get some style without too much effort.


Ditch the biro

Forget that nasty biro or the ball point pen in your pocket. The classic writing piece is the fountain pen and drawing one of these from your pocket makes you look like you are king of the world. A classic fountain pen feels solid and heavy. It can dazzle simply by being subtle. Technology and craftsmanship have come together in agreement over a design that can’t be bettered. A Mont Blanc fountain pen is top of the range and the ultimate statement. You signature never felt so good. All eyes will be on you. This is very cool style. It will also last you a lifetime.


Not just any shoes of course, but a good solid leather pair of brogues or boots. You could even go so far as to have them handmade. Whatever the outfit or whatever the look, it will enhanced and made better by a classy pair of shoes. Good shoes may cost more, but then again they can be repaired or resoled. Having classic shoes that fit your feet can make you feel like dancing. Never ignore your feet again, oh and invest in some seriously sharp and colourful socks to set them off.

Watch out

When is a watch not a watch? When it is a classic timepiece. The watch, like the pen, has become the perfect marriage of classic looks and modern technology. The best thing about owning a watch or two or three is the mixture of class, style and gadgetry they give you. Let’s face it, it is not about the time, it’s about the moon phase. Or perhaps it is just about that little wrist action as you draw your arm forward, and your watch peeps out from your cuff. That moment when everyone is looking, as your watch draws the eye. Expensive watch winders are the classy way to store and maintain your collection in top condition.

Cufflinks and Tie Pins

Old and gold, or set with stones. Silver and jeweled or stylish with diamonds. Top range shirts never had buttons on the cuff because gentlemen always owned cufflinks. They still add style and you can buy new or antique for a little bit of classic heritage. There are just a lovely touch on their own but can be matched or set off with a tie pin for added effect. Mind you not all accessoires made it to the modern age. Pity the poor old sock suspender.

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