4 Tips On How To Deal With An Itchy Beard

An itchy beard is the reason most men fail to go from stubble to beard, a wall that they can’t seem to power through. To be honest, we can’t blame them as having an itch for one minute can be enough to drive you insane. Let alone weeks of itching that come with growing a beard.

The good news is that the itch is temporary, it might not seem like much reassurance when your face feels like it’s covered in itching powder but it is true – the itch normally lasts around 3 weeks but can vary depending on the person.

We’re here to give you the tips to help you power through the itchy beard phase and get you that beard that’ll make you stand out for all the right reasons.

How To Ditch The Beard Itch:

1. Keep It Clean

Everyday your face sheds thousands of dead skin cells in order to help keep skin fresh and clean. However, these dead skin cells can become caught in your facial hair causing irritation. The same goes for your facial hair, your face sheds a few hairs everyday which get caught within your beard causing irritation. The best way to combat this is to keep your face and beard clean by using face washes and specialist beard shampoos. The properties of your facial hair are different to that of the hair on your head – beard shampoos will accommodate this difference.

2. Maintain Your Beard

It’s important to keep your beard in good condition in order to stop it from itching your face. If your facial hair isn’t well maintained, then it will result in split ends which will irritate your face further. Sources of facial hair damage can be due to heat, chemicals or physical stress, so try to keep this at a minimum. Bluebeard’s Classic Beard Oil is great for repairing and maintaining facial hair to keep itching to a minimum.

3. Beard Oils

One of the most highly regarded anti-itch beard products are beard oils. They have great conditioning and moisturising properties, which help to keep coarse hairs at a minimum. Not only do they keep beards hydrated and healthy but they also give beards a shine that’s really make you stand out for the right reasons.

4. T-Gel

T-Gel is a great product used to help people who suffer from dandruff and psoriasis but is also great for stopping itchiness. This dermatologist-recommended formula contains Neutar, a patented ingredient that is proven to deliver effective scalp therapy for hours after the shampoo is rinsed out. Its rich, amber formula gently cleanses and the added conditioners leave hair manageable and soft.

Try some of our recommended products below to help ditch the itch associated with growing a beard. 

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