Is The Beard On It’s Way Out?

If we were to tell you that the beard was on the way out, would you believe us?

Well a poll of 1,000 people in the UK found very much that! The majority of the public believe that the hipster beard trend is dead. The poll was conducted by BIC SHAVE CLUB, a subscription service that aims to take the faff out of shaving by delivering refillable razors directly to your door.

Interestingly women were more in agreement with the demise of the beard than males with 56% of women and 54% of men agreeing that the beard is old news. Maybe their fed up of being scratched by their partner’s beards?!

Growing facial hair has it perks; less time spent at the sink in the morning shaving and the ability to hide acne, spots and inflamed skin behind the beard fuzz, but we’re definitely in agreement with the statement that beards tend to be on the demise.

Why Do We Think The Beard Dying Out?

There a few reasons as to why we are in agreement with this statement.

  1. Trends – like anything in life, people want what they don’t have and what their idols have. Beards were a classic example of this where 5 years ago, beards were a rarity with only celebrities and influencers able to pull them off. However, with relaxed office wear rules and a few brave men prepared to take the plunge, growing a beard became one of the fastest growing & most popular trends for men, with the vast majority of men now rocking a hairy jawline. However, now guys are back to square 1 with the majority of men have a beard and facing being clean shaven to stand out again as a trend setter.
  2. Fashion – 2017 saw icon brands like Oliver Spencer employing bearded male models to model their collections. However, fast forward 1 year to June 2018 London Fashion Week and iconic brands like Ben Sherman are walking the catwalk with clean shaven models. Like most fashion & style trends, we see them influence the high street and retail the year after. So look out 2019!
  3. Search Inspiration – a very basic indicator of changes in male grooming trends is looking to what people are searching for on Google. The number of searches for “how to grow a beard” has been steadily been increasing every year for the past 5 years, with guys obviously looking to Google and online publications like us, for advice and information on where to start when it comes to growing a beard. However, despite the popularity, 2018 was the first year where the increase stopped and searches plateaued. Indicating that men are less engaged with growing a beard.

We say embrace the change and be the only guy in the office clean shaven for a while. But, if you’re considering going complete clean shaven, then see our important tips for when it comes to shaving.

Important Shaving Tips

GroomingMail is full of articles about how to shave safely but see our top tips below

  1. Never shave with a blunt razor. Razor blades typically last between 5-8 shaves, after this they become blunt and can cause cuts & irritation. Make sure this doesn’t catch you out by changing your blades regularly and by having a backup, new, blade in the bathroom cupboard.
  2. Use a sensitive shaving foam/gel if you’re unsure. A lot of guys claim to have sensitive skin and this is one of the reasons man embraced the beard and put the razor down. So, if you’re unsure whether your skin is sensitive or not, don’t take the risk and go for a sensitive shaving foam, like Nivea Sensitive Shaving Gel, every time.
  3. Shave after you’ve showered. Your skin can host unexpected guests, like germs and excess oil and debris. Therefore, the last thing you want to do it these guest a route into your skin via your freshly cut hair follicles – make sure you clean them off. What’s-more, the steam from the shower will also help to soften up the hairs, helping your razor to cut the hairs easier.



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