Introducing Canali’s New Impeccabile 2.0 Range, Perfect For On The Go!

Canali has been providing men with tailor-made Italian luxury clothing since 1934, over 80 years!

At the forefront of tailoring, Canali uses innovation to achieve aesthetic perfection whilst continuously exploring new designs, fabrics and fits when it comes to their Made in Italy tailor-made clothing.

We’re really proud to introduce Canali’s new Impeccabile range of clothing, centred on their new innovative, exclusive Impeccabile 2.0 fabric.

The new fabric was developed with 1 clear vision in mind; to allow the modern-day man to overcome challenges in his day-to-day life, all whilst maintaining a touch of elegance. Why wouldn’t you want to look dapper whilst going about your daily routine?

What Makes The New Impeccabile 2.0 Fabric So Great?

Simply put, allow us to give you 5 reasons why you need a garment made from the new Impeccabile 2.0 fabric:

  1. Creaseless – the body’s natural heat give’s the garment resistant to creasing as the heat causes the fabric to even out any wrinkles.
  2. Stain Resistant – an eco-friendly finishing treatment is used to ensure the fabric is resistant to stains.
  3. Water Resistant – a special treatment ensures that you won’t be left with a soggy garment.
  4. Breathable – micro-spaces within the weave of the fabric result in a breathable and light fabric.
  5. Natural Stretch – with twice the twist of a normal fibre, this unique fabric has a high degree of stretch but natural at the same time.

Canali’s New Impeccabile 2.0 Wool Suit

If you were an expert in tailor-made Italian luxury and you have a new fabric that doesn’t crease or stain, what garment would you make? It’s got to be a suit.

Canali have 3 new suits for this season, utilising the new fabric technology. The suit is available in: Sapphire Blue, Check Steel Blue and Check Light Grey.

The Impeccabile 2.0 wool suit is perfect for the modern day traveller. There’s nothing worse that having a creased suit from a half hour commute into work. The creaseless nature of the suit is perfect for those who wear a suit for work but who have to commute.

Anyone who has lived or stayed in the UK for a long period of time will know all too well how unpredictable the weather is here. It’s all to easy to leave your house to Blue skies and then have the heavens open 10 minutes later, leaving your clothes soaked for the day. With the water resistant material, you don’t have to sit at your desk with soaked clothes anymore.

As the Impeccabile 2.0 fabric has twice the twist of a normal suit fibre, your first thought might be, is it natural? The suit is made from luxurious Impeccabile wool – a big thumbs up for us.

We recommend the Sapphire Blue Impeccabile 2.0 Wool Capri suit (as seen above) as a key summer wardrobe staple piece. The blue colour is perfect for work all year round but also great for a summer wedding. After all, blue is a key colour for this summer and the breathable nature of the fabric means that you won’t feel yourself cooking in the suit.

Looking for something for winter? Get the great benefits of the Impeccabile fabric with the new Light Grey Impeccabile 2.0 Super 130’s Wool Waterproof Car Coat. Perfect to through over your suit to keep you warm!