How To Wear & Choose The Perfect Bomber Jacket

bomber jacket

Men’s bomber jacket have very little over time. The cut & shape of the famous jacket has stayed the same with modern designers creating personal collections by utilising different materials and colours, finished with decorative elements.

Obviously, it goes without saying that a bomber jacket a popular and stylish finish for a look. This year, bomber jackets in white, olive, blue and bright colours have become extremely popular. Alternatively, neutral and calm coloured bomber jacket, finished with inserts full of personality and style have become a fashion stable for this year. Waterproof Bomber jackets were fashionable for last year which a strong contrast to the bomber jackets of this season. Made of natural fabrics like suede and leather.

Choiss is an epic brand with some awesome jackets in their collection. The brand evolves with the times and pleases their customers with high-quality bomber jackets.  

How To Choose The Right Bomber Jacket? 

When choosing a bomber jacket, don’t hurry it. Bomber Jackets can be really versatile from a chilled-out, casual look to more of a formal piece. Picking the perfect bomber jacket is really easy when you have these 2 looks in mind; a smart-casual T-shirt & bomber jacket look to casual a hoodie combo.

Unfortunately, a bomber jacket isn’t typically suitable for guys who aren’t very tall, instead guys under 5ft 8inches should consider a trend coat to help them appear taller. 

See some of our bomber jacket style tips below:

  • When choosing a bomber jacket, focus on your existing wardrobe. Find a jacket them complements the t-shirts and shirts you have already. This will make it cheaper, meaning you could spend more on a jacket and less of additional pieces to style your new jacket.
  • Figure out if you want a bomber jacket for a casual or smart look. Whilst a bomber jacket can do both, it’s often harder to find the perfect jacket that can pull off both looks.
  • If you want your jacket be the statement piece of your look, then the style it with monotone colours. 
  • Always go for a high-quality material for your bomber jacket.

How To Wear A Bomber Jacket? 

The bomber jacket is extremely versatility, perfect for making different looks. Many guys pick a bomber jacket to replace their old casual jacket or light coat. At first glance, the jacket seems that it is sportier, but if you pick your clothing, and accessories correctly then you can achieve classic and smart look. There is no doubt that a bomber jacket can make for a casual look either.

 You can combine a bomber jacket with any piece of clothing you want: jeans, chinos, sweatshirts, hoodies, T-shirts or trainers. Striped or checked bomber jackets have practically become classics. Don’t be scared to experiment with your new jacket,  you can create a stylish look quite easily.