How To Pack For A Boys Weekend Getaway

Last minute trips can be hard to pack for. The fine line between being prepared and overpacking is easily crossed.

No matter where you are headed for the next 48 hours, there are a few packing essentials that you can keep prêt à partir whenever the urge to get away strikes.

In 2019, packing for a last-minute trip involves putting together a last-minute wardrobe that can take you from day to night. It’s about giving off the “no worries” vibe while still looking coordinated. Minimalism is the key when packing for a weekend getaway. From clothing to shower essentials, here’s how to pack for that last-minute boys’ trip.

How To Pack For A Boys Weekend Getaway

1. Dark Wash Jeans

You can get away with a nice pair of dark wash jeans for day and night wear. They easily match with any outfit and make you look sharp. Avoid ripped jeans that could make you look shabby if you end up at a nicer restaurant or bar.

2. Use a Rough and Tough Bag

Don’t break out your best and biggest suitcase for this trip. Agility and carefree movement require you to carry a backpack that wears well. Hands-free luggage will keep you mobile and focused on the fun rather than the inconvenience of lugging a bag around. The biggest advantage of the backpack is that you’ve got limited space to work with and therefore, can’t overpack.

3. Limit Yourself to Three Shirts

A basic tee, a casual polo, and a nice dress shirt are all you need for a two-day trip. Anything else will just be overkill. All of these shirts work with your dark wash jeans and will allow you to transition from day to night. If you are going somewhere that’s chilly at night, a pullover or sweater gives you the extra insulation you need.

Pro Tip: If you’re travelling somewhere warm, linen is extremely lightweight and looks sharp. If you’re headed to a colder climate, the same can be said for cashmere and wool because all these materials have that “expensive” pulled together look and require little fussing.

4. Be a Goody Two-Shoes

You only need two pairs of shoes for a two-day trip. Sneaks are perfect for wandering city streets and leather boots or dress shoes take your outfit to the next level for a boys’ night out. A pair of sandals is necessary if your plans include the beach.

5. Pack One Pair of Shorts

If you don’t feel like wearing long jeans all day, a pair of neutral-coloured, non-cargo shorts will work with any shirt. You can pair them with your sneaks for an easy outfit that looks great. It’s an effortless look that won’t take up much room in your pack.

6. Don’t Forget to Accessorise

How do accessories equal minimalism? They enable you to wear the same basic essentials multiple times with a twist. A nice leather belt that compliments your shoes allows you to transition effortlessly from beach to bar.

Bring a cool pair of shades for a touch of mystery. You can even wear a watch to keep the time up if you want to leave your phone behind at the hotel. It’s a classy accessory that you can wear while travelling to you destination, leaving extra room in your bag.

7. Other Essentials

Don’t leave town without underwear. It may sound silly but people are more likely to forget the necessities when packing for a trip. Now that the obvious is out of the way, you may also want to throw in a pair of PJ pants or basketball shorts in your pack.

You probably don’t want to sleep in just your skivvies if you are sharing a room with your boys. Don’t bother packing a towel unless the place you are staying isn’t providing them.

It’s up to you whether or not to bring your showering and shaving essentials. Most hotel rooms will include some basic essentials. If you don’t mind a little stubble, you may want to ditch shaving all together on your weekend away. It’s all about the fun, right? Don’t forget cologne and a wine opener if you are single.

8. Electronics

You can’t go wrong bringing a camera and an extra phone charger as you never know when one of your buds will forget their charger or if yours will go missing. Hopefully, you decided to leave your work laptop behind where it belongs.

If you’re not overly concerned about the quality of your photos, most current smartphone models do a great job at capturing the moment and do away with that bulky camera hanging around your neck or in your hand.

Packing for a guys’ getaway doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By sticking to the basics, creating a pre-packed capsule-wardrobe, and only bringing the essentials, you will be ready to roll anytime your boys call you up for a weekend adventure. No matter where you guys end up, you will look sharp and be comfortable.