How To Impress Your Husband On Your Anniversary  

Celebrating your anniversary is always special. You know your husband well, but sometimes, it is hard to think about how to impress him on your anniversary. Consider what you know about him to narrow done some ideas that might lead you to the perfect ways to impress your husband on your anniversary.  Here are four ways that you can impress your husband, by the gift itself but also the time you took to plan and surprise him.

4 Ways To Impress Your Husband On Your Anniversary:

1. Present Him With A Gift

Every anniversary is special and deserves a gift that he can enjoy long after your actual anniversary. If it is a milestone anniversary, a gift such as a pair of cufflinks that suits his style or links with one of his hobbies is something that he can wear to work and think of you every time he sees them. He may love books by a particular author, so search out the latest title and if there is a book-signing event, ask him to meet you at the bookstore for a date night, without giving away that he is about to meet the author he so admires.

If he enjoys playing sports with friends, buy him a gift that shows that you support his hobby.  This could be a gold-plated pack of cards for the man who likes to play poker or a new golfing bag to replace the one that is looking a bit tatty. There are plenty of other ideas at If you have not already done so, getting him a framed photograph of the two of you makes for a great gift and one that he will appreciate.

2. Prepare His Favourite Meal

Surprise him with his favourite meal. Let him know beforehand that you will take charge of your anniversary meal and tell him it is a surprise. If you are the one who does not usually cook, he will be impressed at the effort you are making for him. If this is not going to work, order a meal to be delivered to your home. Dress up the table using the same colour palette you used at your wedding, adding a vase of flowers the same as you had in your wedding bouquet.  Create a playlist of your favourite songs, including your first dance song and when it plays, get up and dance as you did on your wedding day. Dessert can be taken to the boudoir. You can drop subtle hints about what you have planned to build his anticipation and when the night comes, he will be excited and impressed.

3. Plan A Trip

The daily grind can be tiring for all of us.  Planning a getaway, even a simple weekend away, can be just what you need to spend some quality time together without distractions from usual commitments. The time that you spend together is a chance to catch up with hopes and dreams for the future, as well as gratitude for help and support in the past.  If it is a milestone anniversary, a longer vacation, perhaps back to where you went on honeymoon, or if you could not afford one at the time, go to the place where you dreamed of going.

Think about the places that your husband has spoken about in the past that are clearly special to him and book a hotel there.  Alternatively, link the holiday with an activity, so if he’s into scuba diving, head for the coast or if he follows a sports team, take a trip to their next game, surprising him with tickets on the day.

4. Plan A Night Out

Plan a date night that you know he will enjoy. Taking the initiative and making plans takes the pressure off your husband so that he can just relax and focus on you and your time together.  You can repeat one of your early date nights when you were first getting to know each other. A night out does not have to be a dinner. If there is a comedy show, sharing a night of laughter will bring you closer together, or perhaps there is a concert that you know he would love.

If getting out of the house is not possible because of young children or limited finances, cook a meal together at home once the children are in bed. Turn all gadgets to silent and reminisce about your wedding and how far you have come. If you have got into the habit of only talking about work and your children, get some “questions for couples” deck of cards that will have your laughing as you talk together and remember things previously forgotten, or perhaps learn new things about each other again.