At-Home Workouts That Will Help You Lose Weight And Build Muscle

Mercifully, the summer weather is starting to take hold. But, as the temperatures rise, you need to make sure that your body is ready for the beach. There is nothing worse than turning up to the beach sporting a midriff that could stand to lose a few pounds. Seriously, the girls won’t be impressed! The bad news is that you will have to put in a lot of effort turn the fat into muscle. But, the good news is that you don’t have to leave the house thanks to these home workouts. Small mercies!

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Squats are synonymous with women that are trying to tone their bum, but they are just as effective for men. Clearly, they work the legs just as hard as any other muscle in your body. However, they also work a variety of other muscle groups. In fact, studies show that squats promote muscle growth throughout your entire body. The reason for this is that they encourage your body to release testosterone and human growth hormone. So, squats can improve your upper body as much as your lower body. And, you will end up with a great bum in the process!

Chin Ups

Every man needs a chin up bar at home if they take their home workout seriously. Just like squats, chin-ups work a range of muscles in your body. For starters, they work the main biceps and triceps in your arms, as well as the deltoids and trapezius muscles. Plus, they help tone your abdominal muscles. When you pull your body upwards, your abs begin to contract. The contractions constantly work your abs so that they are in constant motion. It is like doing fifty sit-ups, but you are also working your arm muscles instead.

Wall Sit

What is a wall sit? A wall sit, as the name suggests, is when you sit upright against a wall for a length of time. Although it seems benign, it is one of the hardest exercises on the planet. If you can stand thirty seconds, you are doing well. Anything above one minute is extreme, and you will feel it in the morning. The wall sit works the muscles in your lower body. So, if you want your calves to stand out, start leaning pronto. What you might not know is that it works your abs and back muscles too.


Okay, Yoga doesn’t seem to fit the cycle. However, yoga is vital if you want to start building muscle. The reason is that it builds up your core strength. All of the major muscles in your body will benefit from a couple of sessions of Yoga. The result is that you maintain them for longer, which should make it easier to tone up during the summer. Also, Yoga is an aerobic exercise. To lose weight, you need to burn fat. And, the way to do that is to use oxygen while you exercise. Otherwise, you will burn carbs and not your fat reserves.

See, you can get summer ready by working out at home.

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