Health And Fitness: 6 Tips to Help Increase Muscle Mass

If you’re trying to build muscle mass then try out these 6 mass building tips.

  1. Train with Intensity

Hitting the gym and going through the motions is never a good thing. You have to be giving it your all, or simply don’t bother. One of the best ways to increase your muscle mass is to train with intensity every time you hit the gym. If you simply do the basics and don’t give it your all, you’ll only be doing enough to maintain your current muscle mass rather than building mass. Focusing and pushing yourself when you’re lifting weights can make all the difference to your ability to increase your size.

  1. Eat Carbohydrates

Your relationship with food will play a big part in how easy it is for you to build muscle and how well you maintain size. A decent proportion of the food you eat should be in the from carbohydrates, when we say carbohydrates we don’t mean in the form of chips and pizza!

Experts say that muscle’s need carbs to grow, so don’t neglect this major food group. So, what are the best types of food to eat to give you more carbohydrates? You should focus on foods such as brown rice, oatmeal, pasta and brown bread. Fruits are also a source of carbohydrate, so make sure you eat plenty of berries and citrus fruits for a natural energy boost. Fruits such as bananas and oranges are a great source of energy before hitting the gym.

  1. Do the Exercises You Hate

The things you’re bad at in the gym tend to be the things you hate doing most. But simply ignoring these exercises and focusing on the things that you enjoy is not a good idea to build form. You should try to focus on a mixed routine, yes this will include exercises you hate, but, its totally worth it! You might not like it, but you need to try to improve the things you’re bad at rather than simply ignoring them. This will help you to improve your overall physique. You could start out your routine by doing the exercises that you hate and then moving onto the ones you enjoy more.


  1. Use Supplements

Supplements can help you build muscle mass quicker, so you should consider using them. There are lots of simple protein supplements that can make a big difference. Protein is essential for building muscle. There are other kinds of supplements out there too. There’s creatine, for example, which is very good for building muscle. Some people choose to use something more powerful. If you decide to use websites such as steroids for sale, make sure you talk to your doctor before taking anything.

  1. Mix Up Your Routine

To keep things interesting and to keep you focused on your muscle building goals, you’ll need to change up your routine. This will stop you from getting bored, and that’s more important than you might realise. When you get bored of the exercise routines you’re undertaking, it can often lead to you giving up and forgetting about your original goals. And if that happens, you’ll never get to where you want your body to be. So, try new things and change up your routine when things start to get stale.

  1. Sleep More

One of the most neglected fitness training elements is rest. This is actually one of the most important steps to building muscle. If you don’t get enough rest and sleep, your body will have less time to build muscle mass. Sleeping is the prime time where your body repairs the muscles that are damaged when you’re at the gym. And when muscles repair themselves is also when they increase in size and mass. You should try to get about 9 hours sleep each night.